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  Estación X, 5544.7 kHz  DX news
San Lorenzo
also heard on
5544.7 kHz
in April 2002
Estación X, Bagua, Departamento de Amazonas, heard March 5, 2001, to close down at 0300.
New Peruvian which I reported last year (see
SWB 1449) without getting the name of the station. Started around Dec 22 and was active only a few days - then off air until March 5.
Good, frequency stable signal and a juvenile format. Young, female DJ, greetings, music, poetry, "love declarations" and even some "contracted", political ads ("Peru Posible"). Decent audio even if the mic was weakly modulated.
Some jingle variants: "Radio Estación Equis - sintonía total" and "Radio Estación Equis - para qué más".
Greetings to many places: Bagua, Bagua Grande, Rioja, Cutervo Cajamarca, Santa Cruz, San Ignacio among others.
The days after, on March 6, again off air, but on again March 9, when the male DJ greeted his mother: Leonor Varbosa Valdorama.
Announces 5545 kHz.
The address given, which I presume is for Estación Equis, is: "...estamos ubicados en Calle Argentina 198...., Bagua".
Björn Malm, Ecuador, hcdx partner SWB, March 5, 2001

First heard on 8 March, 2001, between 0140-0305 on 5544.7 kHz, but difficulties getting a definitiv ID due to what appeared to be problems with the microphone, which made the female announcer's voice fade away, especially as she talked with a musical background, in a program with romanticismo as theme.
At sign-off at 0305 ID as "bueno, estamos llegando a la parte final de nuestra programación, los esperamos el día de mañana como siempre... les dejamos escuchando esta linda pieza musical..."

On 9 March, 2001, between 2311-0048 I was lucky to get a clear identification, as the male discjockey said: "hola, hola, estamos ajustando los equipos /.../ saludos a nuestros amigos de Cajamarca y Alto Piura /:::/ como siempre en su Radio Estación X, 6 de la tarde con 15 minutos..."
Later I got another clear ID, saying "su Estación X, la Radio -- un saludo para los amigos de Bagua que nos están escuchando, les estamos presentando su programa Gorrioncito Cantor por su Estación X, la Radio..."
Also giving a political ad: "Vote por Toledo para un Perú mejor".
Pedro F. Arrunátegui, Peru,
Chasqui DX 181

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