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August 2002

Moldova moves to 549 kHz
Radio Pridnestrovye [Radio Dniester Region] is using a new frequency - 549 kHz (instead of the previous 1467 kHz) for its broadcasts from 0800 to 0830 and from 2000 to 2030 [presumably local time] in the Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian languages. The latter two languages have returned to mediumwave after a lengthy absence. And on 1467 kHz from 0600 to 2030 Mayak from Moscow is now broadcasting... " says Aleksandr Mak from Lutsk, Ukraine. Source: Voice of Russia web site, Moscow, in Russian 28 Aug 02 (via BBCM via DXLD)
Voice of Russia web site, via BBCM via DXLD, 28 August 2002

Radio Veritas extends airtime
According to a report in Monrovian newspaper The News, the Catholic owned Radio Veritas began a new broadcast season 22 August 2002 on both FM and shortwave.
The station has also increased its broadcast from 12 to 18 hours a day.
The most recently reported frequencies are 3450 and 5470 kHz.
Radio Netherlands Media Network, 23 August 2002

Radio América, Paraguay, still testing
Radio América, Paraguay, continue its tests on 7300 and 7737 kHz.
The out-of-band frequency should provide interesting reception opportunities. Your reception reports will be most welcome, informes Radio América's Adán Mur, Technical Advisor.

Emails address as stated below.
Adán Mur, Radiodifusión América, 26 August 2002, via DXLD

Special EDXC programming
The EDXC 2002 Conference will be held 15-18 August in Pori, Finland. In connection to the conference there will be a special broadcast by Radio Finland in English on shortwave 15530 and 21520 kHz on Saturday 17 August 2002 at 1000 UTC.
Reports on this broadcast can be sent to the Finnish DX Association, Box 454, 00101 Helsinki, Finland and they will be verified by a QSL provided by Digita Oy.
Risto Vähäkainu, Finland, hcdx list, 14 August 2002

And Finnish Scandinavian Weekend Radio will have a 24 hours extra transmission during the EDXC Conference in Pori, Finland, on 17 August 2002.
The station will act as the official radio station of the EDXC meeting, with direct reports from conference place each hour all day long on 5980, 5990 or 6170 kHz on 48 mb and 11690 or 11720 kHz on 25 mb. More details on the SWR web.
A special QSL card will be sent to listeners reporting the EDXC 2002 special programmes. Address is SWR EDXC2002 Radio, P.O.Box 35, FIN- 40321 Jyväskylä, Finland.
hcdx news desk, 11 August 2002

Court battle delays new LW station
The Isle of Man's long wave radio project received a huge setback on Friday in the High Court when a request for judicial review was further adjourned to a hearing in January 2003.
The Petition is being brought by a local parish council who are objecting to the Isle of Man Government's decision to allow the radio station to build an offshore transmission platform.
The hearing might take three days and the first opportunity for this would be next January.
Isle on Man Online, via Mike Terry and DXLD, 5 August 2002

Radio América, Paraguay, still testing
Radio América, Paraguay, continue its tests on 1610 kHz and 7300 kHz.
The station informs that it has received tentative reports for these two frequencies, while none for 15185 kHz which is taken off air "for improvement, and, hopefully, increase in power".
Adán Mur, Radiodifusión América, 7 August 2002, via DXLD


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