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June 2002

First Canadian to hit X-band
Looks like Canada's first full-time x-bander has hit the airwaves tonight. They're playing continuous Caribbean-style French music.
No IDs heard yet, but judging from the strength here, this has to be the Montreal station that was approved
last year by the CRTC. I haven't heard what the callsign is supposed to be, but they are 1 kW, so they should be widely heard.
Barry McLarnon, Canada, 28 June 2002, NRC-AM via DXLD

CPAM Radio, according to its license, will broadcast on the AM band, on the frequency 1610
kHz, with an effective radiated power of 1,000 watts.
The Canadian radio commission last year approved the operation of a new French-language ethnic AM radio station in Montréal.
The new station will provide programming to serve the Francophone ethnocultural communities of Haitian, Latin-American and African descent in the greater Montréal area.
CPAM Radio Union.com inc. is a private commercial company owned exclusively by Mr. Jean Ernest Pierre. Address given as CPAM Radio Union.com inc. 10 St- Jacques Street, Suite 807, Montréal QC H2Y 1L3. Telephone 514-287-1288
Full CPAM license text
Sheldon Harvey, Canada, 29 June 2002, via DXLD

Nostalgic Radio Nord broadcast
A two hour memorial programme of Swedish offshore station Radio Nord will be broadcast Sunday 30 June 2002 on 9980 kHz (100 kW) at 1900-2100 UTC from the station in Sitkunai, Lithuania.
This day marks the 40th anniversary of the close-down of former Nordic offshore pirate station Radio Nord.
The programme in Swedish will contain interviews with former staff members, listeners, a potted history of the station, vintage recordings, music from this era (1961-62) and more.
Reception reports, with one IRC or one USD, to Radio Nord Special Programme, Light Valley Media, Box 90, SE-82723 Ljusdal, Sweden.
hcdx news desk, 29 June 2002

Voz de tu Conciencia on 6064v kHz
La Voz de tu Conciencia, Colombia, is testing on 6064.5 kHz.
This station was first heard by DXer Björn Malm in Ecuador, and has later been confirmed as being La Voz de tu Conciencia by DXer Rafael Rodriguez in Colombia, who on 23 June 2002 heard the station with this ID's:
"... en emisiones de prueba, transmite 6065 La Voz de su Conciencia desde ??? para el mundo..."
The station mentioned it address as being Apartado Aéreo 95300, Bogotá, and having written to them, Rafael Rodriguez received with returning mail the information brochure "Rescate a su Familia".
Rafael Rodríguez, Colombia, Conexión Digital, 23 June 2002

La Voz de tu Conciencia is run by Russell Stendal out of Lomalinda "in the southeastern plaines of Colombia, which reaches into an area that is mostly guerrilla controled, but also reaches some drug traffickers and some paramilitary".
The station is planning to move to 6060 kHz to avoid interference by Family Radio on 6065 kHz.
Address: Calle 44 No. 13-69, Barrio Palermo, Bogotá, Colombia.

hcdx news desk, 27 June 2002

US hams into tropical 60 meter
Public comments on FCC proposals to create two new amateur bands and to make the Amateur Service primary at 2400 to 2402 MHz are due July 29, and reply comments are due by August 12.
If the proposals are approved, amateurs would also gain a new, secondary, domestic (US-only) HF allocation at 5.25 to 5.40 MHz
hcdx news desk, 24 June 2002

San Miguel now on 5500v kHz
Radio San Miguel, San Miguel de Pallaques, Cajamarca, is now heard regularly on 5500 kHz, with a slight variation of freqnency between 5499.25 and 5500.58 kHz. The station announce 5500 kHz as well as 1450 kHz medium wave and 101.1 MHz FM.
This station has earlier been heard on 6339.67 kHz in 2001, then giving ID as "San Miguel Arcángel Radio". Now they seem to have shortend the ID to just "Radio San Miguel", with a variation as "San Miguel, super radio".
Björn Malm, Ecuador, via SWB, 16 June 2002
WRTH editor leaving
Many of you will have heard about the departure of David Bobbett as Editor of WRTH, who has left to pursue a different career. As a result there has been some talk about the future of WRTH, and I would like to reassure you that WRTH will continue to be produced and updated and that the 2003 edition will be published in December 2002.
More contributors have joined us this year, dedicated DXers who help shape WRTH as well as providing country-specific information.
As PubIisher I will be in overall charge of this activity. While this is going on I will be reviewing the position of editor of WRTH.
Nicholas Hardyman, Publisher WRTH, hcdx list, 17 June 2002

New Peruvian on 4678.8 kHz
Radio Paz Perú Internacional, Chiclayo, Peru, transmitting on 4678.86 kHz, has been heard for the first time on 12 June 2002 at 0155 UTC.
Seems to be a new station, at least on shortwave. Probably been on the air for only a few days.
ID often as: "Radio Paz Perú Internacional para todo el Perú y el mundo".
Sometimes various IDs: "Radio Paz Perú", "Radio Paz Internacional" or only "Radio Paz".
Gives email address as radiopaz@terra.com.pe.
The street address given a few times together with education on distance by radio and ads for clothes, include the number "47" and "Chiclayo". The audio quality is not the best.
The programme consists of Peruvian music, both secular and Christian.
Transmitting schedule seems to be 2300-0300 UTC.
Björn Malm, Ecuador, via SWB, 16 June 2002
Specialist Irish AM station
Irish Galway Bay AM and Galway Bay FM are ready to launch a new specialist medium wave station. They are the only company to apply for a newly-created medium wave licence for Galway. The new venture would feature traditional and Irish music as well as local documentaries.
The frequency is 1359 kHz and power is 2 kW. A new station in Limerick on 1386 kHz (also 2 kW) is also due - but I don’t think it has been decided yet who'll get this frequency. Apparently there were three bidders for this frequency.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen, Denmark, via MW News via NRC, 14 June 2002

Greenland still on shortwave
Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa, KNR or Greenland Radio,] is back on shortwave. The daily news programmes are carried on 3812 kHz USB with 100 W at 1330-1430 and 2000-2200 UTC (1430-1530 and 2100-2300 when Daylight Saving Time).
The transmissions are unofficial but are quite regularly heard - especially during Summer. Transmitter site is Tasiilaq on the East coast of Greenland
"Real" shortwave transmissions may start again in Greenland. For some ten years the authorities have been considering closing down the current five 5-10 kW mediumwave transmitters, due to few listeners and electricity costs.
Calculations and considerations have been made to replace the mediumwave transmitters with one shortwave transmitter on the island of Cook - not far away from Nuuk. That would be a more efficient way to serve the fishermen who are - more or less - the only ones still listening to AM.
Cook Island was also the site of the old shortwave transmitters of KNR using 3999, 5980 and 9575 kHz several years ago.
Stig Hartvig Nielsen, Denmark, via DXLD, 6 June 2002

QSL from Radio Baluarte
Radio Baluarte, Argentina, has sent an email QSL to Finnish DXer Jan-Erik Österholm.
V/s is Ana María Eidinger, who informs that she and her husband, Hugo Eidinger, has been working for the last three years as missionaries in Puerto Iguazu, as well as in nearby Paraguay and Brazil.
hcdx news desk, via DXing.info, 5 June 2002

Radio Baluarte, Argentina, is transmitting daily on shortwave 6215.06 kHz between 1000-0300. Power is 1 kW.
The station is transmiting from Puerto Iguazú, Misiones, Argentina.
Gabriel Iván Barrera, Argentina, Conexión Digital, 29 May 2002

In the sign on announcement of today, Radio Baluarte annouced this postal address:
Radio Baluarte, Casilla de Correo 45, 3370 Puerto Iguazú, Provincia de Misiones, Argentina
Nicolas Eramo, Argentina, hcdx list, 2 June 2002

Radio Santa Rosa, new Peruvian
Radio Santa Rosa, transmitting from unknown location in Peru, was heard on 5122.07 kHz on 28 May 2002 at 2335.
This new Peruvian radio station sometimes mentions that it is conducting a test transmission: "estamos en calidad de prueba".
Probably started 3-4 days earlier.
Neutral popular music from LA and very frequent "Radio Santa Rosa"-IDs. Announces 5120 kHz, and heard closing down both at 0000 and 0100 UTC.
There are many Santa Rosa in Peru, but if I am to be guided by the geographic name I heard, several Cajamarca and San Ignacio, a wild would put this station at Santa Rosa, in the province of Jaén, in departamento Cajamarca.
Björn Malm, Ecuaodr, via SWB, 2 June 2002


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