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March 2002

WDJD testing from Pago Pago
WDJD near Pago Pago, American Samoa is now conducting tests on 585 kHz with 5 kW power. Official sign-on date is April 13.
I've asked the acting station manager, Vickie Haleck for precise dates and times for tests as well as an address for DX reports. The station is DX friendly, wants reports.
Programs are 70 percent English and 30 percent Samoan. ID slogan is "for you and your family, 585 AM WDJD".
David Ricquish, New Zealand, hcdx list, 29 March 2002

Radio Ezra back in Russia
Radio Ezra is due to commence a third series of thirteen half hour weekly broadcasts between 2330 and 0000, beginning on 6 April 2002 UT.
The frequency will be 17665 kHz and the target zone is Western North America. The transmitter location is Russia.
Radio EzraI will produce a limited number of QSL cards for the series. Reception reports should include an International Reply Coupon or $1 to cover return postage.
John D. Hill, Radio Ezra, 28 March 2002

Radio Satélite, Peru, back on 6725v kHz
Radio SatÚlite from Santa Cruz, Per˙, is back again. Heard 17 March 2002 between 0015-0110, drifting from 6725.65 to 6725.82 kHz.
The station disappeared for several years from the sw bands and returned now on its old frequency 6725.7v. Until 1996 R SatÚlite was to be heard almost every night, usually with quite good signal.
Unfortunately the present reception quality cannot be compared to the good signal some years ago. Obviously the transmitting power has been decreased drastically. The next disappointment: the program. Nothing of nice Peruvian music, only religious stuff.
Michael Schnitzer, hcdx list, 17 March 2002

Madagascar on 9685 kHz
Madagascar has been heard on 9685 kHz for the last few days between 0400 and 1900 with musical programmes and local info in Malagasy and French.
The station has also been heard on 5000 kHz at 1800.
Mahendra Vaghjee, Mauritius, hcdx list, 9 March 2002

Radio Valleri goes St Patrick's
Radio Valleri are planning a 30th Anniversary special broadcast.
The Dublin station first appeared back in 1972 and will return to air for a nostalgic broadcast on St Patrick's weekend on the short wave frequency 6310 kHz.
Original presenters Derek Jones and Mike Anderson will together present the programming from 9 pm next Saturday night, March 16, ceasing at 9 pm on St Patrick's Day, March 17.
"We also have a limited amount of original station posters from the '70s and will make them available on a first come - first served basis to anyone who sends us a reception report," Derek Jones said speaking to Radiowaves News.
Reception reports can be e-mailed to radiovalleri@yahoo.com
or sent to Radio Valleri, 52 Grange Road, Baldoyle, Dublin 13, Ireland.
hcdx news desk, via Radiowaves News, 9 March 2002

TEAMtalk ready for 252 kHz
Britain's new non-stop sports radio station TEAMtalk 252 has unveiled its programme line-up which will provide listeners with a dedicated station for the very latest news, results, analysis, interviews and fan opinion.
Officially launching on 11th March 2002, TEAMtalk 252 will be fronted by a new fresh look team of young presenters with detailed knowledge and an endless passion for sport.
As well as extensive coverage on the Premiership and Nationwide leagues, rugby and horse racing, the schedule will incorporate a wide range of coverage on other major and minority sports.
More on TEAMTalk and on ukRadio.com.
hcdx news desk, 3 March 2002

Mega signals on 1575 kHz
Megaradio states that first tests of the new 500 kW transmitter on Burg 1575 (so far running 10 kW only) can be expected within the next days.
Contrary to previous information 1575 will run high power for 24 hours.
All other own frequencies (576, 630, 693, 738, 1116, 1431) will stay on 24 hours, too, at least for the time being.
Michael Fuhr, Germany, via DXLD, 2 March 2002


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