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April 2002

Manantial, Peru, new on 5387.7 kHz
Radio Manantial , Otuzco, departamento La Libertad, Peru, heard on 5387.76 kHz between 2002 and close down at 0100 on ). April 8 and 28, 2002.
This new Peruvian station took 20 days of intense listening to catch an ID. Finally the station came up with a signal good enough for this ID on April 28:
"Están en sintonía de su nueva estación Radio Manantial desde Otuzco, el departamento de La Libertad."
Closes pretty regularly at about 0100 UTC and begins at 1000-1100 UTC.
I have heard px from "Maranatha" and "LV de la Salvación". At other times their own programmes, often religious music.
I think you can reach the station by writing to "Maranatha" in the town "Otuzco".
Björn Malm, Ecuador, hcdx partner SWB, 28 April, 2002

San Lorenzo, Peru, new on 5544.7 kHz
This new station was heard on 11 April 2002 at 0030 on 5544.7 kHz.
In June 2001 I reported a harmonic on 3120v kHz. If that info still holds, 5544.70 Radio San Lorenzo is located in parroquia San Lorenzo, la provincia de Cutervo, el departamento de Cajamarca.
Just like the harmonic on 3120v kHz they also announce 5544.7 kHz and MW 1560 kHz ­ as well as another SW-frequency I couldn´t get.
What makes me feel a little uncertain is the fact that in March 2001, I heard Estación Equís in Bagua, in departamento Amazonas, on 5544.7 kHz -- exactly the same frequency, but of course the transmitter equipment could have been sold to any location in Perú.
Björn Malm, Ecuador, hcdx partner SWB, 11 April, 2002
New Latin station on 5387.7 kHz
A new Latin American radio station, with unknown location, has been heard on 5387.72 kHz.
The station was first heard on 8 April 2002 until 0050, its first day of transmission. They repeated it was a new station, with an ID like:
"Están en sintonia de su Radio "Marancay." [name as heard].
It carried a religious format, with long blocks of unannounced religious music without any talk and short and small "sermons" by male announcer.
Announces the frequency as 5910 kHz and a starting time of 1100 UTC, and it closes around 0200.
When not broadcasting purchased religious programs, like "La Voz de la Salvación" and "Radio Universal de Vida", it is mostly playing nonstop religious music.
I know that the station is located in a "departamento" and in that case both Ecuador and Bolivia are out of the question.
Björn Malm, Ecuador, hcdx partner SWB, 20 April, 2002

Rádio Ecclesia from South Africa
Rádio Ecclesia has started a new service from South Africa on Monday 15 April, 2002.
The frequency used is 6100 kHz, with 250 kW.
The station is transmitting from the Meyerton Radio Station in South Africa.
André du Toit, South Africa, 15 April 2002

Rádio Ecclesia, owned by the Catholic Church in Angola, has earlier been banned from broadcasting from locations within Angola. It has then rented hours in the Netherlands, and now South Africa.
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World Beacon fell silent April 15
Almost two years to the day after it's launch, the World Beacon will sign off, effective April 15. Affiliated Media Group, the parent company that operates the short wave based mission initiative, has announced it will suspend operations to concentrate on the company's domestic ministerial clients.
The World Beacon launched on April 2, 2000 with it's popular signature theme performed by the new age group Deep Forest. In addition to a full schedule of spiritual programming, the Beacon produced "Midnight Ministry" and "DXQSL" which were dubbed "listener appreciation programs."
Program director Jeff Johnson will continue to process reception reports through April 15. Send
yours via email to reception@worldbeacon.net.
hcdx news desk, 7 April 2002

More info on the World Beacon web site.

Baltic Waves plan tests on 1386 kHz
Radio Baltic Waves International is going to start test transmissions on 1386 kHz with 850 kW omnidirectional from 2 June 2002 during the darkness hours.
Bernd Trutenau, Lithuania, April 10 2002

Go catch a submarine
Submarine QSLThis year the German Seehund
U-5075 submarine is for the first time taking part in the "Submarines on the Air" special radio event.
The event goes on the air for 24 hours, starting 27 April 0000 and ending on 28 April 2002 at 2359 UTC.
CW transmissions are planned for 3.5043, 3743, 7043, 7143, 14043, 21043, 21143, 28043, 28143 and 50.043 kHz.
SSB transmissions are planned for 3843, 3943, 7243, 14243, 21343, 28443 and 50.143 kHz
(all +/- 20 kHz, except 10 and 6 meters +/-40Khz)
DXers may get a special QSL for WW2MAN transmissions from the Seehund Amateur Radio Association, PO Box 1193, Lakeville, MA 02347,
USA -- provided a SASE is included.

Bob Doherty, USA, 7 April 2002

More info on the Marinefunker web site.
Radio LTC, Peru, moving to 5005v kHz
Radio LTC, Juliaca, heard on new 5005 kHz at 0012 on 4 April 2002 with the program "Noiticias LTC".
Gives ID as "Radio LTC desde Juliaca... LTC, tres frecuencias, una sola señal"
This station has earlier been heard on 5032 and 6011 kHz.
Rogildo Fontenele, Bolivia, hcdx list, 4 April 2002

Radio LTC heard with fair signal on 5005.28 kHz on 5 April 2002 with "LTC Noticias" at 1003. Many ids and station promos.
Paul Ormandy, Australia, hcdx list, 5 April 2002

More info in our Andes DX part.

German students on shortwave
A group of young German students, 14 to 15 years, plan to send several special programs on shortwave.
The station is named Radio Rasant, and will at first send a 60 minute program on four days in April:
April 12 -- 2200-2300 on 7120 kHz
April 13 -- 0730-0830 on 7120 kHz
April 13 -- 1200-1300 on 7120 kHz
April 13 -- 1730-1830 on 3985 kHz
April 14 -- 1200-1300 on 7120 kHz
April 19 -- 1930-2030 on 3985 kHz
The program will be mainly in German, but it will have a short start and end in English.
The students plan to go on air with another 60 minute program later in the year.
"But we hope that there will be some more broadcasts after some further negotiations," says Radio Rasant's Reinhard Marx to HCDX.
Reports and QSL requests can be mailed to
"Radio Rasant",
Städtische Realschule Sundern,
Rotbuschweg 28,
D-59846 Sundern.
Fax: +49 293 377 073
hcdx news desk, 4 April 2002

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