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Active shortwave radio stations in Peru
-- Freq -- Station More info Listen
3173 Radio Municipal, "Marcawana", Panao More info  
3230 Radio El Sol de los Andes, Juliaca More info  
3235 Radio Luz y Sonido, Huánuco More info  
3250 Radio Qollasuyo, Juliaca More info  
3330.3 Ondas del Huallaga, Huallaga More info Listen
3375 Radio San Antonio, Callalli [Arequipa] More info  
4388.9 Radio Imperio, Chiclayo [Lambayeque] More info  
4421v Radio Bambamarca, "Frecuencia Lider", Bambamarca More info  
4460.9 Radio Nor Andina, Celendin [Cajamarca] More info  
4606.6 Radio Ayavirí, Ayavirí [Puno] More info  
4610v Radio San Juan Sallique, Jaén More info  
4627.2 Radio San Agustín, Celendín [Cajamarca] More info  
4678.8 Radio Paz Perú Internacaional, Chiclayo [Lambayeque] More info  
4746.8 Radio Huanta 2000, Huanta [Ayacucho]    
4750.1 Radio San Francisco Solano, Sóndor [Piura] More info  
4775 Radio Tarma, Tarma (Junín) More info Listen
4780 Radio Satelite, Santa Cruz    
4790 Radio Atlántida, Iquitos [Loreto]      
4824.4 La Voz de la Selva, Iquitos [Loreto]    
4826.4 Radio Sicuani, Sicuani [Cusco] More info  
4835.5 Radio Marañon, Tarapoto [San Martín] More info  
4855.6 Radio La Hora, Cusco [Cusco] More info  
4880v Radio Comas, Comas [Lima] More info Listen
4887v Radio Virgen del Carmen, Huancavelica
xRadio Villarica
4890.2 Radio Chota, Chota (Cajamarca)    
4904.8 Radio La Oroya, La Oroya    
4914.7 Radio Cora, Lima   Listen
4940 Radio San Antonio, Villa Atalaya    
4950 Radio Madre de Dios, Puerto Maldonado [Madre de Dios]   Listen
4955 Radio Cultural Amauta, Huanta [Ayacucho] More info  
4975.1 Radio del Pacífico, Lima    
4990.9 Radio Ancash, Huáraz [Junín]   Listen
4995.6 Radio Andina, Huancayo   Listen
5010 Radio Altura, Cerro de Pasco (ex3339.9)   Listen
5018.6 Radio Horizonte, Chachapoyas [Amazonas]    
5025 Radio Quillabamba, Quillabamba [Cusco]    
5032 Radio LTC, Juliaca, [Puno] More info  
5039.2 Radio Libertad de Junín, Junín [Junín] More info Listen
5067 Ondas del Suroriente, Quillabamba [Cusco]    
5122 Radio Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa [Cajamarca?] More info  
5130.9 Radio Uno, Tongod    
5175.5 L.P.C., Querillos? [San Martín?] More info  
5300 Radio Superior, Bolívar More info  
5384.3 Radio Huarmaca, [Piura] More info  
5387.7 Radio Manantial, Otuzco [La Libertad] More info  
5460.5 Radio Bolívar, Bolívar [La Libertad]    
5470.8 Radio San Nicolas, Rodriguez de Mendoza [Amazonas]    
5486.7 Radio Reina de la Selva, Chachapoyas [Amazonas] More info  
5500v Radio San Miguel, San Miguel de Pallaques [Cajamarca] More info  
5544.7 Radio San Lorenzo, Cajamarca More info  
5637.3 Radio Perú, San Ignacio [Cajamarca] More info Listen
5678 Radio Ilucán, Cutervo [Cajamarca] More info Listen
5699.9 Frecuencia San Ignacio, San Ignacio [Cajamarca] More info  
5773.7 Radio Manantial, Jaen [Cajamarca]   Listen
5775.5 La Voz de San Juan More info  
5855 Radio Nuevo Cajamarca, Nueva Cajamarca [San Martín]
reported as Radio Americana
More info  
5940.1 Radio Bethel, Arequipa More info  
5950 Radio Arequipa, Arequipa    
5981v Radio Chasqui, Cusco    
5996v Radio Melodia, Arequipa [Arequipa]    
6018.2 Radio Victoria, Lima    
6045.2 Radio Santa Rosa, Lima More info  
6115 Radio Unión, Lima More info  
6141 CPN Radio, Lima More info  
6173.8 Radio Tawantinsuyo, Cusco More info  
6188 Radio Oriente, Yurimaguas More info  
6196.6 Radio Cusco, Cusco More info  
6249.9 Radio La Voz, Andahuaylas, "La Voz del Pueblo"    
6299v Radio Cielo, Chiclayo [Lambayeque]
also reported on 4531,6435,6915 kHz
6324.3 Radiodifusora Comerial, "La Vox del Destino",
Nueva Cajamarca [San Martín]
More info  
6419.2 Radio Tropical, Huancabamba [Piura] More info  
6479.7 Radio Altura, Huarmaca, Huancabamba [Piura]   Listen
6520.5 Radio Paucartambo, Paucartambo, Cusco [Cusco]    
6522 Radio Ondas del Rio Marañon, Aramango, Bagua    
6524 Radio El Libertador, Bagua Grande [Amazonas] More info  
6535.9 Radiodifusora Huancabamba, Huancabamba [Piura] More info Listen
6560.3 Radio Comercial, Huancabamba [Piura]
xEstación 2?
More info  
6674v Radio Super Sensación, Huancabamba
xRadio Andina, x
Radio Super Nueva Sensación
More info  
6725,6 Radio Satélite, Santa Cruz More info Listen
6782.5 Ondas del Pacífico, Ayabaca More info  
6797.6 Radio Ondas del Rio Mayo, Nueva Cajamarca [San Martín] More info Listen
6819.6 La Voz de las Huarinjas, Huancabamba More info Listen
6956.6 La Voz del Campesino, Huarmaca More info  
6895.4 Radio San Miguel, El Faique More info  
9504.9 Radio Tacna, Tacna More info  
9674.8 Radio del Pacifico, Lima   Listen
9720.5 Radio Victoria, Lima    
10354 Radio Willkamayu, Cusco [Cusco] More info   
Last update: 2002-11-14
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