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May 2002

Sharp cuts for Radio Finland
The Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE plans to sharply cut back on the foreign language radio broadcasting of Radio Finland, the company's international service, Helsingin Sanomat reports.
The most drastic alternative would leave Russian as the only remaining foreign language - in addition to the domestic languages, Finnish and Swedish.
The most moderate cutbacks would involve shutting down Radio Finland's French and German language services. Broadcasts in English might also have to go.
The proposal for cutting back on languages at Radio Finland will be taken up by YLE's Administrative Council on June 12.
Helsingin Sanomat, Finland, 29 May 2002

Radio Parinacota reactivated
Radio Parinacota, Chile, has been reactivated on 6010 kHz.
Heard with Radio Cooperativa (Santiago) at 0754-0810, when closing down, on 25 May 2002.
Giving ID at 0802 as "La hora en Cooperativa: 4 de la mañana 2 minutos".
Gabriel Iván Barrera, Argentina, via DXLD, 25 May 2002

Radio Parinacota, Chile, heard 0544 with mostly talk, then canned id preceded by sound-effect of a car revving up, used slogan like "La Voz del Camino", then rollicking music bridge and discussion between two men and a women continued. Radio Mil presumed the station with music underneath.
Paul Ormandy, New Zealand, hcdx list, 29 May 2002

East Timor focusing on radio
East Timor is the world's newest nation.
There are now six community radio stations in East Timor; and bound to be more in the near future.
In a country with a high degree of illiteracy, the medium is a popular one.
Currently however, there are still many rural districts in the country that do not have access to a local media source.
In response to this, two of the Dili-based stations: Radio Lorico Lian, and Radio Rakambiah, undertake regular 'roaming broadcasts', in which a group of volunteers take a mobile transmitter to remote villages and allow the population open access broadcasting, to talk about the issues affecting and concerning them. They also teach the local people how to use the radio equipment.
George Lessard, via DXLD, 6 May, 2002
Maranatha, Argentina, on 6215 kHz
Radio Maranatha AM, Puerto Iguazú, Argentina, can be heard with Christian programming in Portuguese, Guaraní and Spanish on 6215v kHz around 2300-0000 in Scandinavia.
The station mentions both 1610 and 6215 kHz, so the latter is presumably not a harmonic.
Jan-Erik Österholm, Finland, hcdx list, 11 May, 2002

Address to Radio Maranatha is:
Calle Obispo Angelelli y María del Iguazú B° Industrial,
Puerto Iguazú,
Provincia de Misiones
Tel. 543757 - 422713
Propietario -Pastor Hugo Heidenger.
Jan-Erik Österholm, Finland, hcdx list, 16 May, 2002

Greyline DX galore
Earthwatch is a great program to get a graphical presentation of the daylight and night areas of the earth. You can configure it with your own location to examine greyline DX possibilities.
Free trial download
hcdx news desk, 13 May 2002
Baltic Waves plan tests on 1386 kHz
Radio Baltic Waves International is going to start test transmissions on 1386 kHz with 850 kW omnidirectional from 2 June 2002 during the darkness hours.
Bernd Trutenau, Lithuania, April 10 2002

Radio Baltic Waves will broadcast from Sitkunai on 1386 kHz with a non-directional antenna as follows:
0300-2000: 250 kW.
2000-0300: 750 kW.
Future plans are 1000 kW (1600 kW ERP).
Herman Boel, Medium Wave News via IDXD, 10 May 2002

Passport look-alike from WRTH
World Radio TV Handbook, WRTH, is trying a frontal assault on Passport to World Band Radio with its new The Shortwave Guide, which copies the Passport layout to a great extent.
"It's a simple, colourful and effective way for the DXer or listener to see what is being broadcast in a particular language at a particular time", says WRTH Managing Director Nicholas Hardyman.
Retail price is set at US$ 17.95 and publication is scheduled for June 2002. -- Read more --
hcdx news desk, 6 May, 2002
New Spanish radio pirate
Radio Naranja, a new Spanish pirate station, plans to start broadcasting on 26 May 2002.
The station intends to transmit every Sunday between 0800 and 0830 on shortwave 25625 kHz. Format is news, music and brief items "dedicated to the DX world".
Reception reports, which will be verified with QSL cards, can be emailed to radionaranja@hotmail.com.
Vicente Ribas García, Spain, 5 May, 2002
DX-Antwerp special celebration
DX-Antwerp, Belgium, will broadcast a special program on 25 May 2002 between 0800 and 0900 to commenorate the club's 20th anniversary.
The program will be aired as follows:
Russia - Krasnodar Tbilisskaya: 17785 kHz (250 kW)
Lithuania - Vilnius Sitkunai: 9945 kHz (100 kW)
Germany - Jülich: 7180 kHz (100 kW)
A specially issued QSL card will be available for correct reception reports.
During this broadcast five keywords will be given. If you note at least 4 of these keywords, you can send them, together with a reception report, to DX-Antwerp, PO Box 16, B-2660 Hoboken, Belgium or email to qsl@dxa.be.
Guido Schotmans, Belgium, 4 May, 2002


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