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October 2000

MLK upgrading transmitter
WMLK, the shortwave station of the Assemblies of Yahweh, at Bethel, Pennsylvania, is a challenging DX catch with its aging transmitter nominally rated at 50 kilowatts.
Hans Johnson of Cumbre DX reports that the station has purchased a 250 kilowatt shortwave transmitter from Swisscom. Hans and I think this is one of the transmitters formerly used for Swiss Radio International -- what else would a 250 kilowatt shortwave transmitter be used for? -- but I have not confirmed this yet.
The transmitter has arrived in the United States, but will not be put on the air until March or April of 2001.
Among other things, WMLK has to get more electric power delivered to the transmitting site. You can't just plug a 250 kilowatt transmitter into the mains.
Kim Elliott, VOA Communications World, Oct 28, via John Norfolk, DXLD

Radio Imperio on 4389v kHz
The unknown station on heard on 4389v kHz, reported by several as Radio Esteréo, is in fact Radio Imperio in Chiclayo.
This new info is reported both by HCDX contributor Pedro F. Arrunátegui, Peru, as well as Takayuki Inoue Nózaki, Japan.
Notes Arrunátegui:
4389.2, Radio Imperio, Chiclayo, heard Oct 25 between 0240-0300 and Oct 26 between 0100-0200. Program "La voz de la Salvación", ads for Pentecostal church with invitation to "sus reuniones en Jirón Santa Ana 457, de esta ciudad de Chiclayo...".
All ads were local for the city of Chiclayo.
ID given as "1490 kHz Onda Media y 4390 kHz Onda Corta, Imperio Radio..."
Pedro F. Arrunátegui, Peru, Oct 25-26, in Chasqui DX

The station reported as "Radio Estereo" by several DXers, announces broadcasting on 1490 kHz medium wave and 4390 kHz shortwave from the Distrito of Jose Leonardo Ortiz in Chiclayo.
The station has been audible around 1000-1130 with weak signal in Tokyo between Oct 26 and Oct 28, however no definitive identification was heard.
During my stay in Chiclayo in December of 1994 and September 1998, I noted that OAX1L Radio Imperio broadcasts on 1490 kHz medium wave, and it runs at 1100-0300 daily.
I think it is possible to confuse phonetically "Estereo" instead of "Imperio".
Takayuki Inoue Nózaki, October 2000, Relámpago DX

Catholic Radio Stations
A directory of the Catholic Radio stations in the New World, that is to say, of Central and South America and the Caribbean. Compiled by Catholic Radio Update, editor Michael Dorner,

Winter schedules
HFCC, the High Frequency Co-ordination Conference, has made its data for the B-00 broadcast season, starting Oct 29, available at the HFCC web site.
hcdx news desk, Oct 29, 2000

Get it on HFCC

New Peruvian on 4655 kHz
What tends to be a new Peruvian has been heard on 4655, with the tentative name Condor Radiante La Radio, between 0037-0110 on Oct. 21.
Noted with test transmissions: "...éstas son nuestras primeras emisiones de prueba; pronto estaremos al aire con más programación y mejor sonido...".
Also: "..beneficiando el desarrollo de nuestro país, de la provincia de Celendín y por que no decir de nuestro querido Cajamarca, arriba los ánimos, aunque es nochecita, hoy amanece, amanece con buena radio, la nueva estación Cóndor Radiante la Radio..."
Mentioned frequency in FM, 96.3 MHz.
Rafael Rodríguez, Colombia, Oct 23, via DXLD

Unid Peruvian on 5580.2 kHz
An unid Peruvian heard on 5580.2 kHz, Oct 21, between 2310-2330. Two women praying Rosary. Very weak signa.
I have checked this frequency before, and in the past I heard vernacular music. Apparently only transmits between 2300 and 0000. Never heard at other hours.
Rafael Rodríguez, Colombia, Oct 23, via DXLD

Radio México on new frequency
Radio México Internacional has taken 5985 kHz off the air and is now testing on 11770 kHz.
Radio México Internacional Ana Cristina del Razo comments that they will be testing for some days and, if results are satisfactory, they will change to the new frequency.
Reception reoprts for the new frequency is wellcome at Radio México International, A.P. 21-300, 04021 México, DF, Mexico, or email to
Iván López Alegría, October 20, 2000, NDXC via NoticiasDX

La Voz de Abancay new on 5235.5 kHz
The station reported on 5235.5 kHz is indeed a new Peruvian station, reports Takayuki Inoue Nózaki, in Relámpago DX.
"The station, Radio La Voz de Abancay, Abancay; was first observed on September 29, 2000, during my stay in Abancay.
The station runs on the nominal frequency of 5235 kHz (0.25 kW) and 96.9 MHz (0.06 kW) at 0900-2400 daily.
The shortwave outlet remains around 5235 kHz, on which Radio Apurímac formerly operated. However, the station does not use the transmitter of Radio Apurímac.
The station is owned by Lucio Fuentes, the founder and owner of Radio La Voz de Andahuaylas.
Address: Avenida Noviembre Lote 6, Urbanización Micaela Bastidas, Abancay, Departamento de Apurímac, Perú.
Takayuki Inoue Nózaki, October 2000, Relámpago DX via DXLD

New Peruvian: Radio Uripa
Radio Uripa, Uripa, Provincia de Chincheros, broadcasting on 6292.1 kHz, was first noted on October 2, 2000, during my stay in Andahuaylas.
I visited the station on October 3.
The station was founded by Lorenzo Alejandro Espinoza, and started the transmissions in May of 1999. The ownership was transferred to the current owner Lorenzo Quispe Nauto on November 15, 1999.
The transmitter was made by Lucio Fuentes, the founder of Radio La Voz de Andahuaylas. Its nominal power is 0.25 kW.
The station runs at 1000-1600 and 1900-0100 daily.
Address: Avenida Tupac Amaru s/n, Uripa, Provincia de Chincheros, Departamento de Apurímac, Perú Takayuki Inoue Nózaki, October 2000, Relámpago DX via DXLD

HCDX info
List hits new record
The Hard-Core-DX email list have passed another milestone, and now has 602 subscribers.
This makes us one of the largest DXing community in the world, probably the largest on the Internet.
Thank you to everyone, for joining and for making HCDX a quality list and web site.

Live EDXC web casting

The annual meeting of the European DX Council, this year held in Barcelona, Spain, can be seen live on a web camera, informes ADXB, the Asociación DX de Barcelona. (hcdx news desk, October 11, 2000)

More from ADXB

Sweden back on medium wave
The Göteborg Radio Museum, in Gothenburg, Sweden, has received a permit for test transmissions on 1584 kHz.
The transmission will be testing on Sunday, October 8, between 1500 and 1800.
The official medium wave transmissions is schedule to October 13, between 0800-1300 and October 14, between 0700-0900, all in connection with activities celebrating the 75th anniversary of Swedish Radio.
The station also plans to transmit between November 13 and 26, then during evening hours.
The transmitter is an old ship transmitter, rebuilt for AM broadcasting and during the 1950's used for transmission of Radio Sweden's local P2 programming.
The power will be a mere 150 watts, feed into a "too short T-antenna", located some 40 metres above sea level.
(Roland Hassel, October 6, 2000, via swedx list)

New Peruvian: Ondas del Pacífico
Radio Ondas del Pacífico heard on 6782.5 kHz, 2234-2350, on September 30.
New Peruvian station, noted with Colombian music (Vallenato).
Heard announcing "...para Ayabaca, transmite Radio Ondas del Pacífico, gracias por escucharnos..."
At 2300 noted with the program La Hora de la Cumbia, sabor tropical.
Partial QTH mentioned as "...Jirón --- 905 en esta ciudad de Ayabaca...."
Comments about celebration of San Francisco de Asís and Comité del vaso de leche.
"Atención a la hora que te informa Ondas del Pacífico en nuestros estudios y en todo el Peru 6 de la tarde con 15 minutos.
(Rafael Rodríguez, Colombia, Oct. 2, via DXLD)

Radio Sorocucho ? on 5608 kHz
Unidentified station on 5608v, 0100-0130, October 1.
Mx folk. with distorted audio.
Mentions Rodrigo Pinillo Rios as Gerente Propietario; also mention Sorochuco and San Juan de Recopampa.
Heard announcing "...el folclor es una expresión del alma de un pueblo, proviniendo de las verdaderas raíces de nuestro folclor desde Sorochuco tierra hermosa donde florecen los campos..."
Does not mention any ID, but I think maybe that station is Radio Sorocucho; was active in the first months of the last year, but various colleagues report on that frequency Radio Tigre, a station that I never heard. (Rafael Rodríguez, Colombia, Oct. 2, via DXLD)

Radio Estéreo, Peru, on 4389v kHz
The unknown station on heard on 4388.8 kHz turns out to be Radio Esteréo in Chiclayo.
Colombian DXer Rafael Rodriguez reports:
4388.8, Radio Estéreo, 2308-0110, Sept. New Peruvian station from Distrito José Leonardo Ortiz in Chiclayo. Noted with the program: Magazín 14-90 "...sirviendo a todo el norte del Perú en amplitud modulada y onda corta, Radio Estéreo desde el Distrito José Leonardo Ortiz en la Provincia de Chiclayo...."
At 0000 with the program Órbita Deportiva. "... Con Orbita Deportiva se informa más y mejor.``
After evangelic program from La Iglésia Pentecostal La Cosecha. Does not mention QTH.
This station was reported by Mohrmann in various bulletins [and Dave Hodgson who says Oct 2: This morning R. Estéreo was a little down in strength from the previous 2 days.]
(Rafael Rodríguez, Colombia, Oct. 2, via DXLD)

Unknown Peruvian on 4389v kHz
An unidentified station, believed to be Peruvian, is heard on 4388.97 kHz, 0849-1030 on Oct 1.
Andean vocals with good levels but announcer between songs with very low level audio.
IDs in passing sounded to my ears like "Radio Estéreo" or "Radio Misterio". 0930 Pentecostal Church program, apparently taped. Definite mention of "Bambamarca" during the program.
Local announcer over musical breaks at 1000, 1016 and 1020 with time checks and talk but no ID heard. Fading with sunrise by 1030 (Mark Mohrmann, October 1, 2000, via DXLD)

Station also heard Aug 30/Sep 1, on 4392v, 0908-1015. Sounds like a Spanish language religious station. Wildly fluctuating carrier.
First heard 0938 Aug 30 with apparent religious talk, fair to poor signal strength.
Heard again Sep 1; 0116 extremely weak wobbling carrier, too weak for audio., checked again later in the morning; 0908 wobbly carrier came on with good strength, 0929 sign-on with announcement into religious program. (Perhaps "La Voz de la Liberacion?"), religious talk and testifying. Faded by 1015. (Mohrmann Aug 30/Sep1, 2000)

Nova Rádio Relogio wants reports
Nova Rádio Relógio is interested in receiving reception reports. This info is from the person in charge of the technical department of the station, Renato Castro. Nova Rádio Relógio promises to answer all reports with souvenirs from the religious entity which has leased the facility.
According to Castro, the power on 4905 has been increased by authority of the Ministry of Communications.
Reports and letters should be sent to this address:
Nova Rádio Relogio,
A/C Sr. Renato Castro,
Rua Paramopama 131,
Ilha do Governador
CEP: 21.930-110 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ,
email: radiorelogio@ig.com.br
(Célio Romáis, Oct 1 2000, translated by gh for DXLD)

[This is the station which actually varies around 4910-4920 -gh]

Radio Tacna back on 9505v kHz
Radio Tacna, Peru, seems to have reactivated their former 31 meter band frequency. As far as I know, Radio Tacna has not been active here during the last years.
Now heard on September 30, 2230-2300, with Spanish, news magazine, jingle, advertisement, and several IDs: "Transmite Radio Tacna".
The station was best audible in LSB mode, due to heavy QRM from Rádio Record. SINPO 22422. (Michael Schnitzer, October 1, 2000, hcdx list)


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