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November 2001

Voice of Afghanistan testing on 9950
Radio Voice of Afghanistan, first noted by Mexican monitor Adolfo Murrieta González in DX Listening Digest 1-176 on November 17, continues to broadcast test programs on 9950 kHz between 1330 and 1430 GMT in Pashto and Dari.
The station does not announce an address or the name of the organization sponsoring the broadcasts. Schedule:
1330-1345 9950 kHz Test transmission in Pashto
1345-1400 9950 kHz Test transmission in Dari
1400-1415 9950 kHz Repeat of Pashto test
1415-1430 9950 kHz Repeat of Dari test
Identifications for the station are as follows:
Da Afghanistan Ghag Radyo (Pashto)
Radyo-i Seda-i Afghanistan (Dari)
Takuya Hirayama, Clandestine Radio, 22 Nov 2001

I called the station this afternoon on the number given in their press release.
The Voice of Afghanistan says it broadcasts via ‘a powerful shortwave transmitter', but the man behind the station, Said Jalal Karim, would only tell me that the transmitter is located "in Europe", and did not wish to be more specific. The studios are located at 21 Worship Street, London, EC2A 2DW.
The station can be contacted by phone at +44 207 382 9610 or by e-mail at afbc9950@hotmail.com.
The phone number and address turn out to be a company called Coppernob Business Services, an Internet service company which also runs various Web radio stations. However, when I called they answered as "Voice of Afghanistan", which kinda surprised me.
More on this at Media Network.
Andy Sennitt, Radio Netherlands, hcdx list, 28 Nov 2001

Radio Tashkent on 5025 kHz
Radio Tashkent has been heard with the following transmissions 5025 kHz:
1600-1630 Uzbek
1730-1830 Uzbek
1935-2030 German
2030-2100 English
2130-2200 English
In other times the transmitter is off the air.
Transmitters on 5035 and 5060 kHz are not in use anymore.
Karel Honzik, Czechia, hcdx list, 22 Nov 2001
Amistad, Guatemala, new on 4700 kHz
Radio Amistad, Guatemala, is on the air from 1100 to 0200 UT on 4700 kHz with 500 watts AM.
Initial listening tests confirmed reception all around the Lake Atitlán region in an area of over 50 miles during daylight - but haven't received any reports of the night-time coverage.
So far no special ID is being aired - just translating the FM program from 90.7 MHz "Radio Amistad".
Larry Baysinger, USA, Cumbre via DXLD, 17 Nov 2001

QSL. The Media Consultant for the SBC in Mexico will serve as QSL manager for Radio Amistad. Reception reports, in Spanish or English, should be sent to him at the address:
Radio Amistad, attn. David Daniell, Asesor de Communications, Apartado Postal 25, Bulevares MX, 53140 Mexico
Larry Baysinger, USA, Cumbre via DXLD, 5 Dec 2001
Idea Radio, Colombia, on 7380 kHz
Radio Idea has started broadcasting on 7380 kHz, giving ID as "Idea Radio - desde Colombia para el mundo".
Some DXers have had doubts about the Colombia location, but correspondance with the stations chief engineer, Andrea Laudicina, confirms the Colombia location. Says Laudicina:
Idea Radio is the same station as was active in Genova in 1992-1993. However, six years ago I transferred my working activities to Colombia, so now we are trying to put in service a private station from Colombia on shortwave.
The transmitter is located 25 km from the capital Santa Fe de Bogotŕ. We use a RCA transmitter with 10 kW.The antenna is a dipole half wave on a tower 50 meters tall.
We want to promote Colombian music, and our aim is to operate 24 hours. We have some problems in finding the best frequency for our transmissions, and we ask DXers and DX clubs worldswide to send us their suggestions to idearadio@hotmail.com.
The present 7380 kHz is good for Europe, but in the Americas it suffers from splash interference from other American radio stations.
Roberto Scaglione, Italy, via Dario Monferini, Play DX, 18 Nov 2001
Idea Radio -- Colombia or not?
Radio Idea has started broadcasting on 7380 kHz. The station, which is said to be a re-activation since 1993, ID as broadcasting from Colombia as "Idea Radio - desde Colombia para el mundo". Says it is using 2 kW.
Some DXers have had doubts about the Colombia location, stating that the station is run by Italians who have earlier run a pirate radio station, Radio Idea Network, with a stated address in Genova, Italy.
Canadian DXer Don Moman, however, has done some direction finding listening, and notes that the signals "was consistently higher and of better quality on an South American aimed beam", suggesting that a Colombian transmitter site would be correct.
US DXer Dan Ferguson says site may be near Barranquilla, Colombia.
Address given as Idea Radio, Apartado Aereo 25733, Bogotá, Colombia.
hcdx news desk, SW Bulletin, Conexión, www, 17 Nov 2001
Radio Altura, Peru, now on 5009.5 kHz
Radio Altura, Cerro de Pasco, seems to have moved from 3339 kHz to 5009.5 kHz.
The station was heard on
Nov 7, 2001, between 1020-1031 with Andean vocals, canned announcements, with IDs at 1030. ID as "Ésta es Radio Altura en los 5.010 kHz de la banda de 60 metros, desde Cerro de Pasco, Perú".
Mark Mohrmann, USA, via DXLD, 7 Nov 2001
Hard times for Cuban exiles
Cuban exile broadcasting is at its lowest point since at least 1989, when Radio Miami began operations first as a broker, then operating its own station.
During the past 10 years, many of the charismatic leaders of the Cuban exile community have died, and most of them were strong supporters of shortwave broadcasts to Cuba. The younger generation of Cuban Americans were mostly born and raised in the U.S., and they are just not as passionate as their parents about the Cuban cause, including exile broadcasts to Cuba.
At present, I think we have about four Cuban exile broadcasters on WRMI, and none of them have daily programs.
Jeff White, WRMI, via Cumbre DX and DXLD, 7 Nov 2001
Bio terror affects QSL
To avoid the danger of bio terrorism, the QSL manager of the Voice of Tatarstan no longer accepts reception reports from the United States by ordinary mail.
More on the new QSL policy can be found at the unofficial web page of the Voice of Tatarstan.
Dmitri Mezin, Russia, hcdx list, 8 Nov 2001

This is crazy. $1.16 to Tatarstan for a QSL and $30 to the bank.
Roberto Scaglione, Italy, hcdx list, 10 Nov 2001
US law officers kill militia voice
One of USA's most influential militia radio broadcasters was killed early Tuesday, 6 Nov 2001, in a hail of gunfire when law officers tried to arrest him on a warrant accusing him of aggravated assault.
William Milton Cooper, 58, whose apocalyptic, constitutionalist shortwave radio programs were a major influence on Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, was shot to death after Cooper shot and critically wounded an Apache County sheriff's deputy who had tried to arrest him, officers said.
Mark Shaffer, The Arizona Republic, 7 Nov 2001, via DXLD

The Hour of the Time still appears on WBCQ, scheduled at Tue-Fri 0300-0400 on 7415 kHz, as of 9 Nov 2001, .
At web link to http://williamcooper.com/ we find that someone is still running his website and claiming all reports on the incident except a press release displayed there are false.
Glenn Hauser , USA, 9 Nov 2001, via DXLD
US law looking for Anderson
Law enforcement officials across the state continue to be on the look out for Anderson, who has been described as a militia enthusiast and survivalist.
Anderson has been on the run since he riddled a Bell County Deputy Sheriff`s car last month.
Carol Coffey , Commonwealth Journal, 1 Nov 2001

More on Kentucky State Militia Radio.
New life to Voice of Nigeria
Within a year, the Voice of Nigeria has been transformed. Three 250 kilowatt transmitters now beam the station's programmes throughout Africa and around the world.
The Voice of Nigeria currently broadcasts in six languages: English, French, Arabic, Kiswahili, Hausa and Fulfulde.
By the end of the year, the station plans to launch a German service, as well as broadcasts in two other Nigerian languages: Igbo and Yoruba.
Media Network Newsletter, 2 Nov 2001

More on Voice of Nigeria at Radio Netherland web site.

Special Amauta transmission
Radio Cultural Amauta, in Amauta, Peru, on 4955 kHz, will broadcast a special program to listeners abroad as a part of their 41 years anniversery on November 6, 2001.
In an email addressed to several foreign DXers, the administradora at the station, Demétria Montes Sinforoso, tells about the anniversery, and about the program.
The special transmission will be held on November 6 at 1900-2000 local Peruvian time, which should correspond to 0000-0100 UTC, November 7.
Jan Edh, Sweden, hcdx list, 1 Nov 2001


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