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November 2000

Shortwave transmitters causing aurorae
A group of scientists Russian, Swedish, German and Norwegian scientists have found that the electromagnetic radiaiton from strong shortwave transmitters may cause aurorae, commonly known as the "northern or southern lights".
The findings were made at a transmitter site for space studies near Tromsø, in northern Norway. The results were confirmed by checks made both on earth and via satelite.
"This gives us new possibilities to study the physical mechanism behind the norther lights, says professor Bo Thidé at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics in Uppsala.
hcdx news desk, November 30, 2000

Does the electromagnetic radiation from the tens of thousands of broadcast, TV, utility, radar and research stations deployed on the ground by man over the past century, or from the many satellites put into orbit over the past half century, have any effect on space around Earth?

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Electromagnetic Field Theory, by Bo Thidé, an advanced electrodynamics text book, available as a freely downloadable on-line Internet book

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New service from Bhutan
Bhutan Broadcasting Service has introduced a new service as from Nov 15, on weekdays.
All transmissions are on 6035.
Mo-Fr 0100-0530, 0800-1230.
The second transmission begins with English announcements, program summary and followed by News in English at 0801.
Signature tune is heard at 0058 and 0758; Sa/Su 0400-1000.
English continues at 1000- 1100 with news in English at 1001.
Alok das Gupta, Calcutta, India, Nov 27, 2000, EDXP via DXLD

New Bolivian on 4766.4 kHz
Radio Constelación, in Guanay, has been reactivated.
Heard on 4766.4 kHz on Sunday and Monday at 2230.
They are relaying their FM signal on the tropical band transmitter.
Rogildo Fontenelle Aragão, Bolivia, Nov 28, 2000, via DXLD

Radio Constelacion, Guanay, was last heard in December-January, according to a search on in the HCDX archieves (see link left).
Rogilde Fontenelle reported hearing the station on December 25, 1999, announcing "Desde Guanay, capital de la 2ª sección de la provincia Larecaja, del Departamento de La Paz, Radio Constelación, Guanay, en sintonía".
Address given as Calle Boston de Guanay, Nr. 123, with the possible additional address of Casilla de correo en La Paz 15012. Rogilda Fontenelle adds that "an employee of the station gave me something completely different on the phone".
Rogildo Fontenelle Aragão., Bolivia, DX Report 83, 1999

The station was also logged in Sweden by Kenneth Olofsson on January 23, 2000, at 2330, with lots of QRM and other noises, according to HCDX partner site Shortwave Bulletin.

Radio Guanay, as the station called itself then, was also heard in 1995.
The station was not heard during Takayuki Inoue Nózaki's stay in Bolivia in 1997. Reported TIN in September 1997:
"The last time I heard the station was September 21, 1993 while being in San Borja, Department of Beni. According to the Superintendence of Telecommunications, the station has presented a planning application to commence FM transmission instead of the shortwave broadcast", according to the hcdx Andean database.
hcdx news desk, November 30, 2000

New Voice of Hope web site
The Voice of Hope, which broadcasts every Saturday to southern Sudan via the Radio Netherlands Madagascar relay station, now has its own web site.
The broadcasts will soon be available in Real Audio format for the benefit of Sudanese citizens living around the world who cannot hear the shortwave broadcasts.
Andy Sennitt, hcdx list, November 23, 2000

Voice of Hope started its broadcast on November 4.

Radio Celendín now La Voz del Campesino
Radio Celendín, Peru, is selling out shortly after having re-started its operations on shortwave 4655 kHz.
Manuel Infantas Mendoza, gerente of La Voz del Campesino, informs HCDX contributing editor Pedro F. Arrunátegui on the telephone that he is about to buy the equipment of Radio Celendín.
-- As Radio Celendín owners are dissatisfied with their operations we are interested in buying their equipment. At the moment we are doing some necessary tests, says Manuel Infantas Mendoza.
The address of La Voz del Campesino is J
irón Grau 502, Celendín, Cajamarca, mr. Infantas adds.

Pedro F. Arrunátegui received the testing of La Voz del Campesino on November 24, between
0040-0302; and at 0054 the transmission was halted completly, leading to assumption that the station has technical problems; returning after two minutes. Later announcing: "Esta es Radio La Voz del Campesino que trasmite desde la ciudad de Celendín, Cajamarca".
Also slogans as "Esta es Radio La voz del Campesino que trasmite en los 4655 kHz en onda corta, díganos como nos escuchan, estamos probando nuestros equipos, llámenos al teléfono 855505 y díganos como nos escuchan".
Pedro F. Arrunátegui, hcdx contributing editor, Nov 10, 2000

Moore on Celendín
Don Moore reports on the Celendín radio scene.
--

Among the first to hear the testings from former Radio Celendín under its new name La Voz del Campesino was Brasilian DXer Samuel Cassio, as reported on the hcdx mailing list.

Earlier Chasqui DX report
4655, Radio Celendín, Nov 7, 0124-0020, 33333, Un saludo a nuestro amigo y propietario ingeniero Leonidas Mejia quien se encuentra en la planta de trasmisión ID mv " Un saludo para los amigos de Radio Celendín..." mx ID mv " Esta es Radio Celendín, una radio que surge y llega a todos los hogares.. como están amigos..."
Pedro F. Arrunátegui, hcdx contributing editor, Nov 10, 2000

Nuevo Mundo pennant
The Latin American aficionado's in the listeners group of "Radio Nuevo Mundo" is offering its 22nd anniversary pennant.
Its dimension is 20 cm wide and 32 cm high with sky-blue and yellow lettering. Price is US$ 5, including oversea shipping. Cash only accepted.
Orders to: Takayuki Inoue Nozaki 18-11 Fuzimi-cho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo, 192-004 4 JAPAN.
Takayuki Inoue Nozaki, Nov 26, 2000

KHBN, Palau, cutting down
KHBN has reduced their schedule, and is now operating as follows:
1030-1500 on 9965 kHz towards China.
0900-1100 on 15725 kHz towards South East Asia.

In response to a question about the future of KHBN Palau, Paul W. Hunter of High Adventure Ministries responded:
"Regarding Palau, we have a partnership with the Chinese Church from Hong Kong will take responsibility for the programming and operating BUT High Adventure will retain the license and some programming of our own. We expect the Chinese Church will begin to increase the programming, especially in Mandarin in the near future."
"We are reaching the Middle East, Europe and India from our Deutsche Telekom facility in Germany but we are also negotiating an AM site in the former region of the Middle East. We hope to establish a 100 KW AM site that will reach the areas we lost when we had to pull out of South Lebanon. We also an FM on the air near Jerusalem and have a studio up linking to satellite 24 hours a day from Jerusalem. If you would like a schedule of our European/Middle East relay from Germany, please let me know."
Paul Ormandy, hcdx list, Nov 15, 2000

Sweden on medium wave
The Radio Museum in Gothenburg is broadcasting from their 150 watts AM transmitter, on 1584 kHz, as follows:
Nov 19 1400-1800
Nov 20 1200-1400
Nov 21 1800-2000
Nov 22 1200-1400
Nov 23 1800-2000
Nov 24 1200-1400
Nov 25 1800-2000 and 2300-0400 **
Nov 26 1400-1800
**On the night between 25-26 Nov, an extra transmission for DXers, in Swedish.

Reception reports are welcome by e-mail to Krister Eriksson, or by ordinary mail to:
Radiohistoriska Föreningen i Västsverige,
A Carlssons gata 2,
SE-417 55 Göteborg, Sweden
Krister Eriksson , hcdx list, Nov 18, 2000

Radio Celendín, Peru, on 4655 kHz

Radio Celendín may be the UNID Peruvian reported recently by Rafael Orlando Rodriquez as "Condor Radiante la Radio" on 4655 kHz.
Moore on Celendín
Don Moore reports on the Celendín radio scene.
--
I heard several clear IDs as Radio Celendín on November 11, 2300-2330.
Programming in Spanish, huayno music until 2315, then "música llanera" (presumed), time announcements, ID: "Radio Celendín, la radio de música ..." SINPO 24422.
Michael Schnitzer, hcdx list, Nov 12, 2000

Chasqui DX report
4655, Radio Celendín, Nov 7, 0124-0020, 33333, Un saludo a nuestro amigo y propietario ingeniero Leonidas Mejia quien se encuentra en la planta de trasmisión ID mv " Un saludo para los amigos de Radio Celendín..." mx ID mv " Esta es Radio Celendín, una radio que surge y llega a todos los hogares.. como están amigos..."
Pedro F. Arrunátegui, hcdx contributing editor, Nov 10, 2000

Voice of Hope from Madagascar
As of 4 Nov 2000, the Radio Netherlands Madagascar relay station is carrying weekly test transmissions for the New Sudanese Council of Churches, in collaboration with the Dutch domestic public broadcaster NCRV.
The station is called Voice of Hope (VOH) and transmits every Saturday at 0427-0525 UTC on 12060 and 15320kHz beamed 335 degrees to East Africa.
Although the programmes will be in English and Sudanese Arabic, a quick listen to the audio of the first broadcast suggests that it's entirely in English!
Andy Sennitt, hcdx list, Nov 6, 2000

SWR testing for North America
Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Finland, will have a special test for their North American listeners. They plan to turn their half wave dipole antenna at 290 degrees between 2200, November 3, and 0400, November 4.
The antenna direction later will be 200 degrees between 0400-1900, and 230 degrees 1900-2200.
Frequency is 11720 kHz.
hcdx news desk, Nov 2, 2000

High Adventure in Liberia
High Adventure Broadcasting wish to start broadcasting from Liberia, informs Paul W. Hunter, Senior Vice President and Director of Engineering, High Adventure Broadcasting Network.
"We have been given permission to own and operate an AM, FM, SW and TV facility in Monrovia, Liberia. We had planned on possibly using equipment we pulled out of Lebanon back in May of this year."
"Our problem is that the financial burden placed on us due to the Lebanon crisis is preventing us from going ahead on this project at the moment. We are considering selling all or part of our Palau stations to help restore the financial losses we suffered earlier. Up to now we just have not had the funds to proceed and ship the equipment to Liberia."
"All permissions have been granted by the Govt of Liberia, and are [sic] anxious for us to go in and set up a complete communications facility."
"The FM would serve the local area of Monrovia, the AM would serve the whole region of Liberia, and the SW would extend the coverage to neighbouring countries in Africa and the Middle East. Things could change on a day to day basis."
Jerry Berg, Electronic DX Press, Nov 1 via DXLD


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