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March 2000

Guyana back on 5950 kHz

GBC has reactivated 5950 kHz. Heard on March 17 as early as 0830, and again on March 20 tune in at 0953 to man in English talking about spiritual festival. Blocked by WYFR IS at 0956.
Station transmitter had been down for some time due to lack of spares (Johnson, Cumbre via DXLD on hcdx list)

Radio Cameroun QSL
CRTV, 4850, sent full data letter with stamp, v/s James Achanyi-Fonten Director of Publications, in 15 years and 20 days, for original 1985 rpt and 8 f/up's all with rp.
Received photo of "Station Public Fund Raising Event" and with message "Inform Dxers In Canada To Use The Above Address Henceforth For Quick Replies. Thank You.", which is: Mr. James Achanyi-Fontem, Cameroon Link, Shortwave Monitors, PO Box 1460 Douala, Cameroon. (Joe Talbot, hcdx list, March 28)

La Voz de las Huarinjas on 6820v kHz
On 6819.6v kHz radio station La Voz de las Haurinjas, Huancabamba, has been heard by several Latin American DXers.
Pedro F. Arrunátegui, Peru, in Chaqui DX reports hearing the station on March 19 at 2246-2330, and also on March 21 at 1050-1138 and March 24 at 1109. Continues Arrunátegui:
"In its program Nostalgia ecuatoriana, they invited phone calls to 473259. I called them and succeeded in talking with the son of the owner and then with Sr. Alfonso García Silva, who told me that the name of the station comes from one of the lakes in the area."
" Address is: Barrio El Altillo s/n (sin número) in the city of Huancabamba."
"They generally open at 1045 UTC and close at 0200."

Huancabamba is at 3957 m above sea level, in the Piura province famous for its magical practices and shamans.
Station owner Alfonso García Silva is not just into shamanism, but is the actual president of the "Asociación de Curanderos"

The station started broadcasting on June 1, 1997, on 7003 kHz. The station was first noted outside of Piura in early December, 1997.

J Doble C, Peru, on 7040.5v kHz
Estación J doble C, Huancabamba, heard on 7040.5, 2340-0130, March 25, with the program "Al compas del San Juanto".
This frequency has been used for several years by different radio stations that have been under the direction of Cesar Colunche Bustamante. Previously heard on this channel: Radio San Ignacio and Radio Melodia.
I also listened on March 26, when they mentioned the postal address: Calle Unión No. 612, Huancabamaba, Piura, Peru.
This is v
ery close to that of Radio Huancabamba, 6281 kHz, located on Calle Unión No. 610. This station also belonged to Cesar Colunche. (Rafael Rodriguez, DXLD via hcdx list; March 27, 2000)

J doble C heard on 7042, March 26 0008-0030*, closing with national anthem at 0029. QRM to a ham on 7042 LSB (Yimber Gaviria, DXLD via hcdx list; March 27, 2000)

A00 Operational Schedule

Twice each year the international broadcasters change their schedules. The summer season begins on teh last Sunday in March and ends on the last Sunday in October, when the winter season starts.
The organization coordinating all this, the High Frequency Coordination Conference, now has posted its summer broadcasting schedule on its web site.

HFCC A00 Schedule

Internet story
You are not alone...
Sometimes people will look at our hobby and wonder what a strange pursuit it is.
However, we can safely reassure you that in the world of specialist hobbies we are not alone! If you are fed up with radio you could always consider the Banana Club. Or why not join the Eddie Stobart Fan Club - and go spotting Eddies name on the side of big trucks around Europe... (Steve Whitt, Medium Wave News, UK)

Go to Banana Club
Go find Eddie Stobart

5460.43 Radio Bolivar, Peru

I received a phone from Julio Davila Echevarria , the station owner and director, on March 21, sending kindly message of "Gracias por escucharno en onda corta" to all DXers.
According to him, the station broadcasts at two times a day: 1100-1300 (morning transmission) and 2200-0100 (evening transmission) daily.
Reports will be confirmed by QSL letter and should be sent to Correo Central, Bolivar, Provincia de Bolivar, Departamento de La Libertad, Peru.
Mail delivery may be via Cajamarca route. (Takayuki Inoue Nozaki, hcdx list, March 25, 2000)

Frequence Commune aiming at Internet

Frequence Commune 1062 AM from Paris verified my reception report with two nice letters (one in French and one in English) and an info-brochure after 39 days. Verie-signer is Guy Benisty.
According to the letter they were on the air from 1st to 21st December 1999, their license is expired now. Benisty writes: "We might nevertheless resume broadcasting on the Internet in a short time". (Martin Elbe, hcdx list, March 24, 2000)

QSL from Rádio Rio Mar, Brazil
Today I received a nice QSL letter from Radio Rio Mar Manaus Brazil 9695 Khz after 6 weeks. v/s was Jairo de Sousa Coelho, Dir. Programação e Jornalisimo. (Ruud Vos, hcdx list, March 21, 2000)

Upcoming special from Guernsey

On April 12 Guernsey will be holding island wide elections and during such events (every 4 years) BBC R. Guernsey on MW 1116 kHz usually extends broadcasting hours.Last time they were on air all night.
As the coming election will be the most important to be held since the post war (due to abolition of an unelected lower house in the Island parliament) I would expect BBC R Guernsey to extend broadcasting hours again. (
Lionel Roithmeir, Guernsey, hcdx list, March 21, 2000)

Internet story
Fewer companies, more stations
Today, US radio companies can own eight stations in any city, and corporate radio is gobbling up America's airwaves. (Cincinnati Enquirer, march 19, 2000)

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Radio Verdad, Guatemala, new on SW
I have just discovered a brand new SW station here. Bandscanning March 17 at 1136 UT I came upon some music on 4052.5 kHz, or a tad below that (no, not a typo, not in the 60 meter band and not an image)
"I’ve Been Working on the Railroad" on the banjo, then vocal hymns in Spanish.
ID at 1145: "Radio Verdad, en la frecuencia de 4.05 megahercios en la banda de 75 metros, TGW-1 (??), desde Monterrey(?), Chiquimula, Guatemala, Centroamérica."
At 1147 and 1150 mentioned having received a report yesterday through the Sistema Internacional de Radioaficionados that they had been heard in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Cuba, Republica Dominicana. Invited more reports to Apartado Postal 5, Chiquimula, Guatemala.
"Radio Verdad, la emisora educativa y evangélica" was frequently mentioned; "exact" timechecks were 2 minutes slow. At 1200 concluded "El Tren del Evangelio Nocturno" show with same banjo theme as earlier. 1202 into chimes and ID as above but also mentioned "...de la gloria, en Chiquimula...". 1204 something about "año 2000", cuckoo twice and Big-Ben-type melody on piano. 1206 another ID, prayer, but fading audio as much as carrier. 1208 reading a versiculo, 1215 just a carrier, 1217 music but fading and 2-way QRM on high side increasing. 1222-1226 talk was unintelligible as fading out; sunrise at Enid was 1240.
Earlier reception was good, SINPO 34443. I only heard the TG callsign mentioned once, and it seems unlikely, so coupled with the out-of-band frequency, the legality of this station is questionable.
If there have been any other reports of this in the DX press, I have not yet seen them; this report is based solely on my own monitoring
(Glenn Hauser, OK, DXLD via hcdx list, Match 17)

KGIL/KGXL going all jazz
Standards KGIL (1260AM)/KGXL (1650AM) has made another format alteration.
The Saul Levine owned stations plan a full format switch to all-Jazz. For decades KBCA and KKGO (also owned by Levine) played jazz and the music library is available to make the switch sooner rather than later.
KGIL started programming jazz in the evening last week. It is expected that the station will acquire new call letters to complement the format, perhaps a form of KJAZ.
An all-Jazz format will make an interesting combo sell with Saul Levine-owned Classical KKGO. (Robert Goldberg, NY Radio Board via hcdx list, March 16, 2000)

Internet story

Bethany turning museum
In 1994, after the end of the Cold War, the Bethany VOA station shut off for good its transmitters that had hummed non-stop since 1944.
Now a new energy sparks within the old station's walls as local officials talk about making the site into the largest Cold War museum in the nation. (Cincinnati Enquirer)

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Whatever happened at Kulpsville?
Our own HCDX web wizard, Risto Kotalampi, is just back from this year's SWL Winter Fest in Kulpsville.
Now he is busy loading the web with photos from that meeting.

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1660 - WMIB, Flordia, testing again
Yet another X-band station is running new tests on the air. This time is is WMIB, Marco Island, Florida, testing with 10 kW.
The station has this time been logged widely across North America. During earlier tests the station has been heard regularly in Europe.
One hcdx-er, Guido Schotmans, heard them on November 28, 1999, and sent them a snail mail reception report. "No reply yet", comments Guido.
Swedish DXer Gert Nilsson, however, reports having received a letter in September 1999, signed by Michele Nichols, Office Manager.
Address, according to QSL recently received by Patrick Martin, is 601 Elkcam Circle #B, Marco FL 33937.

WMIB antennas are situated near the Everglades, giving it a great ground plane. "Which is why this station gets out so well", says Paul Smith, who combines his DXing and flying skills into an upcoming AM Tower web site.

WMIB on AM Tower web

No more English from FEBC, Philippines
As a result of consultations with FEB International in Cyprus, it was decided to close down the Overseas English Service broadcast in FEBC Philippines, according to an official announcement on March 8, 2000.

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XERTA, Mexico, reactivated
XERTA confirmed reactivated on 4800.5, March 7, from tune- in 0400, music and announcements very distorted, but at 0539 and 0542 got definite XERTA, Radio Transcontinental de America IDs.
Still claims to broadcast in Spanish, French and English (Glenn Hauser, DXLD via hcdx list; March 9, 2000)

QSL from China Huayi BC
Just received a form letter in Chinese from China Huayi Broadc Corp in one month to my follow-up of a year old report in EE. Used one USD for rp. No v/s, only station official stamp.
The letter mentions following frequencies for CHBC: 4830, 4940, 6185 and 11590 kHz.
The handwritten address on the envelope is: China Huauy Broadc. Corp P.O.Box 251 Fuzhou Fujian 350001 China Peoples Republic.
So, nothing new in it, except the spelling of Huauy, which might as well be a typo. They have been a poor verifier, so its good time to try qsl them now.
(Jari Savolainen, hcdx list, March 9, 2000)

QSL from RTM Kuching
6050 RTM Kuching verified after 4 weeks by personal and det. letter. V/s: Ramli Bin Junaidi, Head of Programmes. Address: RTM Sarawak, Miri, Jalan Brighton, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. Heard in Thailand. The local px from the Miri studio is daily from 1200-1400 local time, corresponding to 0400-0600 UTC.
(Passmann, in hcdx list, March 9, 2000)

Radio Superior, Peru, new on 5300 kHz
5300.02 Radio Superior, March 2 1027-1115.
Tuned in to middle of sign-on ID:
"...en AM...nacional. Un mensaje de la amistad en los cielos andinos. Bienvenidos...a nuestras excelentes progamaciones. Estamos transmitiendo desde San Martín de...en la provincia de Bolivar, Departamento de La Libertad. Radio Superior. Un mensaje de amistad en los cielos andinos."
Into Peruvian anthem after a false start. Non stop Andean vocals until 1043, announcer with ID's, time checks and muffled mic audio.
Very good signal until 1115 fade at local sunrise.
(Mark Mohrmann via DXLD via hcdx list)

Also heard in Japan

5300.03 Radio Superior, Provincia de Bolivar; Thanks to a tip from Dave Valko, I could get it signal in Tokyo. It was first observed at 1047-1137 on March 4, 2000, playing huaynos and announced advs.
ID was given at 1125 as "Son las 6 y 25 minutos, la hora exacta en Radio Superior."
The station was also heard at 1100-1146 on March 5, 2000.
(Takayuki Inoue Nozaki, Relámpago DX via hcdx list)

And in Colombia
5300.1 Radio Superior, 2320-0025, March 4.
Also heard Sunday March 5 with s/on at the 1050 with NA. "... La aurora de este dia, les damos la mas cordial de las bienvenidas para disfrutar de nuestra programacion, esperando que todo lo programado sea de vuestro completo agrado... Radio Superior, frecuencia 1000 en A.M. y onda corta internacional... un mensaje de amistad en los cielos andinos, bienvenidos una vez más a nuestra excelente programacion, estamos transmitiendo desde el Jiron San Martin 229 en la provincia de Bolivar, Departamento de la Libertad, Radio Superior un mensaje de amistad en los cielos andinos..." Ments. Humberto Lozano as Gerente-propietario and sked 1030-1530 and 2300-0300.
(Rafael Rodriguez, Colombia, DXLD via hcdx list)

Star Radio saved by British government
The British government has salvaged the independent Star Radio temporarily by providing "bridge funding"

In a recent statement the Liberian government's said that it will not restore the station's short-wave frequency it withdrew 1998, which it claimed was foreign-run and financed.
(BBC Monitoring in DXLD via hcdx list, March 6)

Liberia wants to take over Star Radio
The Liberian Ministry of Information says that now that the elections are over, and a democratically elected government inaugurated, the original purpose of Star Radio has been served.
The ministry now wonders why the sponsors of Star Radio could not pass over the equipment to the government of Liberia or a corporate entity to boost the growth of communication in the country but rather wants to sponsor same.
(BBC Monitoring via DXLD via hcdx list)

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Radio Madagasikara QSL
Radio Madagasikara, on 5010 kHz, verified in French by e-mail from radmad@dts.mg, v/s Olga, "pour l'Equipe responsable de l'internet".
Wonder how big a team is in charge of the website... Olga mentioned that the bosses would later reply (more) "officially", probably referring to a snail-mail response.
(Mika Mäkeläinen, via hcdx list, March 2)

And to catch Radio Madagascar
Radio Madagascar heard at 0215 on 5009.5 with Malagasy style music, including Salegy (musical style from the northern highlands), also Jean-Michel Jarre synth music.
ID on the hour "Radio Madagasikara ity" very fast. Almost completely gone by 0330; station was heard all night, as early as 2230, again from 0015-0130
(Ralph Brandi, via hcdx list, March 2)

Radio Bougainville reactivated
Australian media reports advise that Radio Bougainville has been reactivated, using 3325, from new studios and radio broadcasting facilities at Hutjena (Buka Island), funded by the Australian Government.
The project has also allowed new equipment to be installed at Rabaul (Radio East New Britain, 3385), and 1000 solar powered wind-up radios are being distributed to schools in Bougainville.
Radio Bougainville was formerly known as Radio North Solomons.
(Bob Padula, EDXP via hcdx list, March 1)

Radio Hargeisa, Somalia, on 7530 kHz
Radio. Hargeisa, Somalia, reactivated after being off for a long period, on 7530, apparently ex-7071. Fair reception at 1748, Feb 28, with Somali songs and talk.
Heard again at 1605, Feb 29, Koran, so apparently transmits between 1600-1900. Vaghjee - Mauritius/NU
(Mahendra Vaghjee, Mauritius, March 1)


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