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July 2001

VOA relay station planned on Cyprus
The Americans want to set up the largest relay station of the well- known US propaganda [sic] radio network - Voice of America [VOA] - of the Eastern Mediterranean in Cyprus, which they regard as being the most suitable choice given its geographic location. The radio station will relay American messages to the Middle East and the Arab Gulf.
Two sites are currently under consideration. The first is the area near Cape Greco, where a French relay station is already operating. The second is an area in Liopetri village.
Mega Channel TV, Nicosia, July 31, 2001, via BBCM via DXLD

Nuevo Horizonte new on 5341kHz
Radio Nuevo Horizonte, Retamas, distrito Parcoy, provincia Pataz, departamento La Libertad, has been heard on 5341.03 kHz on July 16, 2001, until 1100 UTC.
A totally unknown station, which I heard for the first time in the morning this date. Has been on air daily both mornings and evenings with approximate schedule from 1000-0400.
Ads only from the city of Retamas.
It is certainly owned by the mining company "Consorcio Minero Horizonte", which several times a day has a programme called "Seguridad y trabajo" consisting of Peruvian and other LA music mixed with enumeration of all kinds of rules and regulations how to run and handle a mine.
Heard exactly in the edge of a utility station and therefore I have to listen in USB with narrow bandwidth. Drifting a few 1/100-parts up/down.
ID: "Radio Nuevo Horizonte, desde la capital de oro, La Libertad, presentó "Seguridad y trabajo".
Jingle: "La número uno en tu corazón".
Announcing 5340 kHz and FM 105.5 MHz.
Morning programme: "Amanecer campesino" and evening programme: "Una cita con el amor".
Contact the station via fax (51)1 4763497, (51)1 2253564 (Minera Aurífera Retamas). Consorcio Minero Horizonte can be visited at
Björn Malm, Ecuador, via HCDX partner SWB, July 16, 2001

DX in the 1930s: Static in the attic
As a teenager Eric Shackle listened eagerly to lots of strange stations at home in New Zealand.  Late at night, with his ears within a few inches of the speaker of a huge Warner superheterodyne console receiver, he was happily oblivious to the deafening cracks of static electricity crashing through the speaker, to the great discomfort of his long-suffering and over-tolerant parents.
Now you can share Eric Shackle's DX memories right here at Hard-Core-DX.com. The article will be posted in
"the world's first multi-national e-book" on August 1.
hcdx news desk, July 24, 2001

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Banda Oriental, Uruguay, on 6155 kHz
Banda Oriental, CWA 155, Uruguay, broadcasting on 6155 kHz with 2 kW, has a good spell right now, producing a weak but readable signal between 0200 and 0300 (sign off).
Programming includes all Uruguayan music, and the station has been heard greeting distant listeners with musical selections.
QSL´s are on their way, too, they say.
The shortwave service, called Banda Oriental, is different from their mediumwave service, which is called Radio Sarandí del Yí.
Let us support these friendly people by tuning their way and sending them reports to their street address, at Calle Sarandí 328, Sarandí del Yí (Durazno), Uruguay.
Henrik Klemetz, Sweden, hcdx list, July 18, 2001

SODRE 9620 kHz on air 24 hours
SODRE, Uruguay, has started broadcasting 24 hours on 9620 kHz. They may reduce this to 0300-1000, which is the new nightly schedule.
The new nightly programme consists of a selection of classical and light orchestral music.
The power is a mere 150 W and modulation is not at 100 percent. The operators have been trying to preserve the transmitter, since spare parts are getting to be scarce and no funds are devoted for the maintenance of the SW.
Horatio Nigro, Urugauy, hcdx list, July 7, 2001

Barn Radio back on 1602 kHz
Swedish "Barn Radio" is back with special broadcasts on medium wave 1602 kHz during this year's Färila Week.
The station is on the air 24 hours a day, relaying the programmes of Radio Ljusdal.
Live programmes are broadcast between 0600-1600, while the rest of the time is covered by computer controlled musical mix.
hcdx news desk, July 7, 2001

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