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December 2001

SW Radio Africa for Zimbabwe
SW Radio Africa, a new Zimbabwean independent radio station, has started broadcasting to Zimbabwe on short wave.
The station, which is run by Zimbabweans, will broadcast from the United Kingdom three hours a day everyday through the short wave frequency band. "SW Radio Africa will be operating from 6-9 pm seven days a week on short wave 6145 KHZ in the 49 metre band," said the station's spokesperson to the Harare Financial Gazette.

hcdx news desk, 29 Dec 2001

Forli closing with special goodbye
To commemorate the closure of AWR Forlì, there will be two different one hour programs in Italian. They will be broadcast according to this schedule:
Sunday, December 30, 2001
1000-1100 on 9740 kHz via Forlì (2.5 kW)
also via Jülich, Germany on 15195 kHz (100 kW)
Monday, December 31, 2001
0900-1000 on 9740 kHz via Forlì
also via Jülich, Germany on 15195 kHz
1000-1100 on 9740 kHz, only via Forlì
Adventist World Radio is the international radio system of Christian ministry operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Adrian Peterson, AWR, via DXLD, 29 Dec 2001

One more Radio Africa International
Radio Africa International, an Austrian-based project, is causing confusion among shortwave listeners. Several wrongly believe it to be connected with the Radio Africa International operated from the US by the United Methodist Church.
The 'new' Radio Africa International is not, in fact, new at all. It has existed in Austria for nearly four years, broadcasting programmes on FM via Orange 94.0 and on mediumwave 1476 kHz.
It has suddenly come to the attention of listeners abroad with the commencement of broadcasts on shortwave via the Moosbrunn facility of Radio Austria International.
Currently, Radio Africa International is broadcasting internationally at
1100-1200 on 17815 kHz
1500-1600 on 17895 kHz
1800-1900 (Sun) on 1476 kHz
2200-2300 (exc. Sun) on 1476 kHz
2215-2300 (Sun) on 1476 kHz
English is scheduled at 1103-1115, 1503-1515 and 2303-2315 UTC on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, plus a sports programme at 1800-1815 on Sunday.
Address is Radio Afrika Center, Heigerleinstrasse 7, A-1160 Vienna, Austria.
E-mails to radio.afrikas@sil.at.
More info at the station's web site.
Andy Sennitt , RN's Media Network, 27 Dec 2001
La Voz del Vecino new on 6324.3 kHz
Radiodifusora Comercial "La Voz del Vecino", Nueva Cajamarca, provincia de Rioja, departamento San Martín, is a new Peruvian station on 6324.34 kHz.
The station was first heard on 26 Dec 2001 at 2355-0108, close down.
Announces 6325 kHz and FM 89.5 MHz.
This was probably their premiere broadcast, with mixed music from both Ecuador and Peru.
I got the street address only in parts "Carlos(?)......Santa Rosa(?) #5-99, Nueva Cajamarca".
More info in AndesDX.
Björn Malm, Ecuador, hcdx partner SWB, 27 Dec 2001
American broadcasts in tropical band
Various American transmissions for Afghanistan has been heard on new frequencies in the tropical bands.
On 4760 kHz, at 0100-0200, Jose Jacob, India, heard a Dari or Pushto transmission believed to be from Voice of America.
On 5005 kHz several DXers around the world have heard the Voice of America ID and jingle.
Andy Sennitt, the Netherlands, has this explanation:
4760 kHz is supposed to be Radio Liberty in Tajik, not VOA. Transmitter is Dushanbe.
The same site is used for 5005 at 1500-1700, also listed as R Liberty in Kazakh and Kyrgyz.
There's also 5035 from Dushanbe at 0200-0300 listed as Radio Liberty in Kyrgyz.
More info on the current IBB schedule, updated 23 Dec. 2001, is available on the Web.

hcdx news desk, 25 Dec 2001

Offshore station near Isle of Man
The Isle of Man government has given the green light for a long wave radio transmitter to be stationed five miles off the coast in Ramsey Bay, the same spot used by Radio Caroline in the 1960s.
The firm had originally wanted to build a mast at Ayre but this was opposed by residents and others.

The station's studio and offices will be situated in Ramsey.
The station is expected to launch towards the end of 2002.
Isle of Man web sites, via Mike Barraclough in DXLD, 20 Dec 2001
Christmas tests from Moscow
Radio Center in Moscow, Russia (AM 1503 kHz), will perform Christmas test broadcasts to North America on December 23, 24 and 25 between 0300-0500 on shortwave 5925 kHz via a St. Petersburg 200 kW transmitter.
The first hour will be in Russian and the second mostly in English.
The US phone number to contact will be announced during the programme.
Emails can be sent to radiocenter@mail.ru. A copy of electronic reports may also be sent to
Mikhail Timofeyev at the St. Petersborg transmitter site.
Postal address for reports and suggestions: Radio Center, ul.Nikolskaya,7, 103012 Moscow, Russia.

Konstantin Gusev, Russia, hcdx list, 23 Dec 2001

Radio María want to buy Voz del Napo
Radio María Ecuador is negotiating to buy the frequency 3280 kHz, but not a direct purchase of La Voz del Napo, which is using the frequency.
Radio María Ecuador broadcasts on FM from Quito, the province of Guayas (I didn´t get the town), and from Santo Domingo de los Colorados.
So far, La Voz del Napo still excists, giving IDs as usual, while Radio María for the moment is buying programme time on La Voz del Napo in Tena.

Björn Malm, Ecuador, hcdx partner SWB, 22 Dec 2001

AWR closing Forli transmitter
Adventist World Radio, AWR, announces the end of broadcasting from its shortwave station located at Forli in Italy, effective 31 December 2001.
The low powered 2.5 kW station in Forli has been on the air since 1985.
The decision to cease broadcasting from the Forli site ultimately became inevitable after AWR began leasing airtime from two more powerful stations; Deutsche Telekom in Jülich, Germany, and ORF in Moosbrunn, Austria.
Adventist World Radio is the international radio system of Christian ministry operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

AWR press release, 20 Dec 2001

Algeria back on longwave
The longwave radio broadcasting centre in the Tipaza Province, on 252 kHz longwave, is reopened after being closed for six months for renovation works, as reported by Algerian TV.
The renewal of the equipment and transmitter of this station, which began transmissions in 1972, has become a necessity after its deterioration as a result of natural causes such as sea salt, humidity and dust which had affected the quality of transmission.

Algerian TV, via BBCM and DXLD, 12 Dec 2001

Radio Burkina moved to 5030 kHz
Radio Burkina, in Ouagadougo, has been heard on 5030 kHz on 11 Dec 2001 at 1923-1946.
Strong signal on this new frequency. No trace of them on old 4815 kHz.

Mark Veldhuis, the Netherlands, hcdx list, 12 Dec 2001

Radiodiffusion Nationale du Burkina has been heard on 5030 kHz, at 1906-1919 on 11 Dec 2001.
Strong signal, programme in French, ID as "...Radio Burkina...", SIO 444.

Daniele Canonica, Switzerland, hcdx list, 12 Dec 2001

Mediumwave? No, thank you
The Dutch comercial pop station Q the Beat has stopped broadcasting on 1224 kHz mediumwave on 10 Dec 2001.
As nobody was listening to the mediumwave programmes with R and B and House music, aimed at a young public, they now hope to get FM frequencies next year.
Young people in Holland only listen to FM.

René van Hoof, the Netherlands, hcdx list, 11 Dec 2001

Marconi Remembrance Day
In the radio world, 12 December marks the 100th anniversary of Marconi’s first trans-Atlantic radio communication between Poldhu, Cornwall, England and Signal Hill in St. John’s, Newfoundland.
Info on the web:
100 years of radio
Special radio broadcasts
Marconi Celebration Page
International Marconi Day

hcdx news desk, 8 Dec 2001

Radio Imbabura new on 3380 kHz
Centro Radiofónico de Imbabura, CRI, in Ibarra, Ecuador has been heard on 3380.07 kHz on Dec 8, 2001 at 0000.
The station must be new on shortwave, correct me if I am wrong.
The programme heard was "Al aire", ending at 0005, at which time the station ID came as a total surprise:
"Escuchan C.R.I., Centro Radiofónico de Imbabura, transmitiendo en 1230 kilociclos desde la ciudad de Ibarra".
Jingle: "CRI Radio - la diferencia en radiocomunicación".
More info in AndesDX.
Björn Malm, Ecuador, hcdx partner SWB, 8 Dec 2001
Radio Marañon back on 4835.5 kHz
Radio Marañon, Peru, has reactivated its transmitter on 4835.5 kHz.
The station was heard on 8 Dec, 2001, at 0940, with sign on announcements, including a station identification.
Later some nice Peruvian folk music, advertisements and a canned identification at top of the hour. Good signal strength with s9 peaks in Nashville in southern USA.
David Hodgson, USA, hcdx list, 8 Dec 2001
QSL Manager for Radio Amistad
The Media Consultant for the SBC in Mexico will serve as QSL manager for Radio Amistad. Reception reports, in Spanish or English, should be sent to him at the address:
Radio Amistad, attn. David Daniell, Asesor de Communications, Apartado Postal 25, Bulevares MX, 53140 Mexico
Larry Baysinger, USA, Cumbre via DXLD, 5 Dec 2001
China in the tropical bands
Recent changes/additions to Chinese stations in the tropical bands:
3950 Xinjiang Chinese 0000---1800 (--- = not necessarily continuous)
3960 Xinjiang remains silent
3985 CNR-2 2100---1600
3990 Xinjiang Uighur 0000---1800
3990 Unknown (Qinghai?) in Tibetan, 2300---1400,
// on 5969.6, 7130
4035 Tibet remains silent
4220 Xinjiang remains silent
4330 Xinjiang Kazakh 0000-0325, 1205-1800
(// 6015, 7340, 9470 at various times)
4500 Xinjiang Mongolian/Kirghiz 0000---1700
(// 6190, 7120, 9705 at various times)
4735 Xinjiang remains silent
4750 Qinghai Chinese 2220---1605 (?), // on 6145 (evenings), 6260
4750 Unknown with CNR relays 2000-1730, buzzy and unstable carrier, may be in Tibet and may have own prgrs at times, but not confirmed
4800 CNR-1 2000-??, 1300-1730, strong signal
4820 Tibet Chinese (// 5935, 6050)
4905 Tibet Tibetan 2250---1700 (// 4920, 5240, 6110, 6130, 6200, 7385, 9490)
4920 Tibet Tibetan 2250---1700, presumed to be a separate site from 4905 as one of them sometimes has a satellite feed 4980 Xinjiang Uighur 0000---1800 // 3990 (and 6120, 7195, 7285, 9560, 11885, 13670 at various times)
5060 Xinjiang Chinese 0000---1700 // 3950 (and 5960, 7155, 7310, 9600, 11700 at various times)
5240 Tibet Tibetan 2250---1700, site as 4905
5440 Xinjiang is silent
5800 Xinjiang is silent

Olle Alm, Sweden, hcdx partner SWB, 4 Dec 2001

Norway to close shortwave
The Board of state broadcaster NRK December 5 decided on heavy budget cuts for 2002.
Some regional radio programs will be merged, and all regional stations will have their budgets cut.
Also Radio Norway International will be completely closed from January 1, 2002. Veteran broadcaster Einar Lie will host the final programmes on New Year`s Eve.
The decision also affects the 1.2 MW mediumwave transmitter at Kvitsøy Island (1314 kHz). This is also planned to be switched off on New Year`s Eve, alongside the four SW transmitters at Kvitsøy and Sveio.
But NRK still have to negotiate with transmitter provider Norkring and Radio Denmark in order to close at this time. Both have contracts for running the transmitters until 31 Dec 2003.
Time will show what will actually happen.
Bernt Erfjord, Norway, Dec 6, 2001, via DXLD
Perla del Acre back on 4600.3 kHz
Radio Perla del Acre, in Cobija, Bolivia, has been reactivated and logged by several DXers.
Heard as unid at this year's DX-Camp Bavaria on 30 Nov 2001 between 2305-2315. In Spanish, but too weak for clear ID.
Michael Schnitzer, Germany, hcdx list, 3 Dec 2001

Also heard by Björn Malm in Quito, Ecuador, on 20 Nov 2001 until close down at 0102. Giving ID as "Están escuchando Radio Perla del Acre 91.1.....". Also greetings and music.
Björn Malm, Ecuador, hcdx partner SWB, 20 Nov 2001
Radio Parinacota new on 6010 kHz
Radio Parinacota, Chile, is new on 6010 kHz.
The stations transmits with 1.000 watts from Putre, and is said to be 24 hours. I heard them between 0400-0800 with a satellite relay from Radio Cooperativa of Santiago
Locally in Putre the station transmits on 94.5 MHz.
Reception reports can be sent to Casilla 82, Arica, Chile.
Hugo Lopez , Chile, hcdx list, 1 Dec 2001


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