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August 2001

Liberia to close shortwave once more
Liberian president Charles Gankay Taylor has said his leadership will no longer allow shortwave radio stations to operate in the country.
The Liberian leader said on Radio Liberia International that the granting of the nation for the establishment of shortwave radio stations under the Liberian constitution is not a right, but a privilege. [sentence as heard].
In a survey during May 2001, BBC Monitoring confirmed only two active shortwave stations in Liberia: LCN's Radio Liberia International on 5100/6100 kHz and Christian station ELWA on 4760 kHz.
The Liberian Broacasting System's radio station ELBC was only heard on FM 99.9 MHz.
BBC Monitoring, via DXLD, August 25, 2001

Antarctic relay LRA36 to be closed
According the news stories in Argentine newspapers, the Base Esperanza and others in the Antarctica will be closed.
Thus the radio station LRA36 may also be closed in the next month.
Nicolás Éramo, Argentina, August 18, 2001, via DXLD

So far there is no date certain for the closure of LRA36. I suppose it may not happen until the beginning of next year. This is, after all, Argentina.
Nicolás Éramo, Argentina, August 30, 2001, via DXLD

Radio Ayopaya new on 3343v kHz
The new station Radio Ayopaya is transmitting on 3344.3 kHz from Independencia, in Departamento de Cochabamba, Bolivia.
Power used is 0.50 kW, transmitting hours 0900-1230 and 2230-0130 UTC, mostly in quechua.
Station manager (director) is Mr. Jorge Aquino.
Address: Casilla 2433, Cochabamba, Bolivia. Transmissão quase 100% em quechua
Rogildo Fontenelle Aragão, Bolivia, hcdx contributor, August 17, 2001

When I have had time I have listened to the new station on 3343.6 kHz. I have many hours of recordings, but only at one time did they announce "Radio Ayopaya onda corta".
I need to listen to it a few more times to make sure.
On Sunday night, local time, I was listening to a program in Spanish, Corazón Alegre, a program with musical salutations and cumbia music, but the announcer never mentioned the name of the station.
Ayopaya isn't very far from Cochabamba, but it is difficult to get there and there are social problems with the farmers blocking the roads; they won't let me go there.
Rogildo Fontenelle Aragão, Bolivia, hcdx contributor, August 2, 2001

Educational project for teenagers
Radio Ayopaya is described as an educational project for teenagers. Financial support comes from catholic groups in Germany.
For pictures from the station, see this web site.

Henrik Klemetz, Sweden, hcdx list, August 5, 2001


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