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April 2000

QSL from Radio Verdad, Guatemala
I received today a very nice n/d color QSL card, f/d letter in EG from Radio Verdad, 4052.5 kHz in Chiquimula, Guatemala.
Verie signer was Dr. Édgar Amilcar Madrid Morales, Manage.
Address is: Apartado 5, Chiquimula, Guatemala.
Also included was a bright red felt covered pressboard in the shape of a house w/ raised lettering inscribed "Dios bendiga este hogar" (God Bless this house). It's about 6x9 inches with a picture hook.
All this in 1 month for $1 (w/ receipt from station).
The full name of the station is 'Estación Educativa Evangélica Radio Verdad'.
They are using 800 watts into a bi-pole full wave oriented NE/SW.
Sched is 1125-0120 UTC.
Power goes out all of the time and they are not using a compressor so they are purposely overmodulating to compensate.
What Glenn Hauser and I heard in reference to their call letters TGW-1 is actually SW-1 or 'Short Wave One'. When they get their call letters they will probably be TGAV.
I quote from the letter:
"Now, you have won a prize, which we offered to the person who would report Radio Truth from the farthest away area" referring to the felt-board.
They have been reported in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Cuba, DR and (apparently) I was the first from the USA. (Terry Palmersheim, hcdx list, April 25, 2000)

Radio Yura, Bolivia, new on 4717v kHz
Radio Yura, broadcasting on 4716.8 kHz, is a new Bolivian radio station in
Yura, Provincia Quijarro, Departamento de Potosi.
Station heard at 1150 UTC on April 22 with
ID as "Esta es Radio Yura, La Voz del Layo, recordando siempre que estamos trabajando en onda corta, 4715 de frecuencia en onda corta, desde Yura, provincia de Quijarro, departamento de Potosí"
"...estamos a escasos 5 minutos de las 9 de la mañana y pues hasta esta hora hemos acompañado desde Radio Yura, La Voz del Layo, ahora sí les decimos que sea hasta horas de la tarde, a partir de las 6 de la tarde estaremos volviendo a vuestra sintonia, amigos oyentes les deseamos que pasen un buen día y que Dios mediante..." (Rogildo Fontenelle, hcdx list, April 22, 2000)

Station also heard, as UNID, in New Zealand:
I've been hearing a Latin station on 4716.8 and April 22 it came in at fair levels for about 15 minutes from 1025.
At this time Bolivia (Santa Cruz on 6134.86) was coming in well so perhaps Bolivian in origin.
(David Norrie, hcdx list, April 22, 2000)

Radio Netherlands Bonaire silenced by fire
On Sunday, 23 April 2000, a major fire broke out in the generator room of the Radio Netherlands relay station on Bonaire in the Netherlands Antilles. The fire totally destroyed the generators, silencing the station.
Fortunately nobody was hurt, but the cost of the damage may run into several million dollars.
The temporary loss of the Bonaire facility means that transmissions to North, Central and South America, western Africa, Australia and New Zealand may be disrupted for some time.
It´s not yet known how long it will be before the station can be made operational again. (Andy Sennitt, Radio Netherlands, April 24, 2000)

RAI, Italy, closing MW transmitters
The RAI Santa Palomba medium wave transmitter on 846 kHz, with 1200 KW power, has been shut down.
Also its transmitter on 1332 kHz is closed, as is Radio 3 Torino on 1368 kHz.
The transmitters were closed on April 14, 2000, due to problems with the electrical field generated.
There is still no official news from RAI about the shutdown.
You can find Santa Palomba transmitter photos at
(Andrea Borgnino, hcdx list, April 21, 2000)

QSL from AMG 1332 kHz, Holland
I have received a letter from Nozema (Postbus 6, 3400 AA IJsselstein) verifying my report about the test transmissions on the frequency of 1332 kHz of the "AMG (Achterhoek Media Groep)".
Transmitter location is Lopikerkapel (the same as Radio 10 FM on 675 kHz).
No further information about the name of the station was given.
Verie-signer is R. Roskam, Public Relations. Telefax 030 - 6881448. E-mail-address is:
(Henk Poortvliet, hcdx list, April 21, 2000)

AMG owns Hoppa Radio, the station originally intended to use 1332. However, Hoppa Radio do not have any interest to use MW at all; instead Radio Nationaaal came in the picture to use 1332.
Radio Nationaal will start regular broadcasts within the coming weeks, playing mainly Dutch music.
As far as I know there is no connection at all between AMG and Radio Nationaal. AMG is a group of local stations in the east of the Netherlands and Radio Nationaal is founded by DJ' s and record company people all based around Hilversum.
I think the person at the Nozema who issued the QSL did not know that there was an other user intended for 1332, using old info.
Technically the QSL is correct, though, as the transmissions are being broadcast under the responsibility of the Nozema, the Dutch company who run all the transmitter sites in the Netherlands. (Julius Hermans, hcdx list, April 22, 2000)

1584AM Utrecht back on the air
1584AM, in Utrecht, the Netherlands, is back on the air with another antenna. The signal is much better now, power is still 500 watt, but on Wednesday, April 12, it will be 1000 watt. (Ruud Vos, QSL Manager 1584AM, hcdx list, April 11, 2000)

QSL from Radio Apintie, Suriname
Radio Apintie, 4990.94, full data e-mail letter, in 6 months, for report, $1 US and e-mail follow up, from Charles Vervuurt Director. (Joe Talbot, hcdx list, April 18, 2000)

New clandestine at 12065 kHz
A new clandestine can be heard daily at 1630-1830 on 12065 kHz. This comes from a transmitter in Grigoropol in Moldova, giving good reception here in the UK.
A clip of the opening sequence can be found on the Interval Signals Archive at www.intervalsignals.com. (Dave Kernick, hcdx list, April 16, 2000)

QSL from AM1630, La Plata
1630 kHz - AM1630, La Plata, Argentina, e-mail QSL in 46 minutes, after report to am1630@red92.com; no v/s.
Verification reads:
"HERMOD PEDERSEN: es un gusto para nosotros la RED 92 AM 1630 decirle que su recepsion es correcta. Desde ya gracias y esperamos siga conectado con nuestra frecuencia. Saludos desde La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina."
Reception made on April 12, 2315-0025, on 1630 kHz. First sports and ID's as "Por la Red 92, este es El Clásico, para servir la pasión y todo el deporte". After the news at 0000 into musical program, with ID's as "1630 AM, desde la provincia de Buenos Aires, 1630 AM, Buen Aires". Occasionally with strong signals. (Hermod Pedersen, hcdx list, April 17, 2000)

New low powered AM European
Media Network reports that the 500 Watt Radio Bloemendaal from the Netherlands will extend broadcasts on 1116 kHz.
Between 17 and 21 April they will be on the air daily between 1715 and 1830 UTC.
This broadcast is in addition to the regularly transmissions:
Sunday 0700-1900
Tuesday 1000-1130
See also http://www.radiobloemendaal.nl/
(Guido Schotmans, hcdx list, April 15, 2000)

Attention radio DX'ers/radio nuts!
Mark your calendar for May 7, 2000 between 0000 & 0400 EDT for another in the ongoing series of 'test' programs on WMIB 1660 kHz at our daytime power of 10 KW.
Lots of obscure oldies, occasional jingles and some silliness thrown in!
Hope you'll be there! (Phil Beckman, WMIB CE)

QSL from Radio Ilucán, Peru
Radio Ilucán, 5678, confirm with nice PC letter and photo my report of 27/12/99, V/S José Galvez Salazar, Gerente Radio Ilucan, Address: Jirón Lima N° 290, Cutervo. (Daniele Canonica, hcdx list, April 16)

QSL guaranteed from Radio La Hora
Having just visited Cusco, Peru, I would like to convey the regards of Mr. Carlos Gamarra Moscoso to DXers all around the world. Carlos works at Radio La Hora and is in charge of verifying reports to the station. He has done this with utmost sense of dedication and responsibility, and has kept a detailed log of all reports received and all verifications sent out.
The management of the station has not cared much for reports before Carlos took over the job. If you have sent a report to the station in the past 10 years or so, but have not received a reply, please send a follow-up to Carlos, preferably with a return postage.
A reply is guaranteed for all correct reports - he does check them. Carlos has just one wish: please do let him know once you have received the verification. The mail service is somewhat unreliable, and Carlos is so worried that some of the QSLs sent by him never reach recipients. So, all of you who have received a QSL from him, he would really appreciate a short thank you note.
The Gerente of the station is Edmundo Montesinos G. It wouldn't hurt if you also told him how much you appreciate the efforts of Carlos Gamarra Moscoso, whose dedication is indeed unparallelled in all of Peru.
Instead of the station address, Carlos says however that reports reach him with more certainty, if sent to his home address: Avenida Garcilaso No. 411, Wanchaq, Cusco.
And as he is DXer, I am sure he would enjoy receiving the same kind of radio memorabilia that all we DXers love to collect...
During the first week of July Radio La Hora is hoping to inaugurate a new 2-kilowatt shortwave transmitter to replace the present 1-kilowatt tx.
Funding for the new transmitter is however still a problem. (Mika Mäkeläinen, hcdx list, April 15)

1584AM Utrecht back on the air
1584AM, in Utrecht, the Netherlands, is back on the air with another antenna. The signal is much better now, power is still 500 watt, but on Wednesday, April 12, it will be 1000 watt. (Ruud Vos, QSL Manager 1584AM, hcdx list, April 11, 2000)

CKTA has left 1570 kHz
CKTA, 1570 kHz, in Taber, Alberta has now left the air. They had been running parallel with their new FM (93.3 The Hawk) for the past couple of months. (Nigel Pimblet, Alberta, Canada, hcdx list, April 11, 2000)

Radio ERPE, Ecuador, back on air
ERPE, Riobamba, Ecuador, broadcasting on 5011 kHz is again on the air. Heard March 30 at 0020-0058 with ID as "Escuelas Radiofónicas Populares del Ecuador" (Yimber Gaviria, via Conexion)

Radio Oriental, Ecuador, on 4800v
Radio Oriental, in Tena, Ecuador, has been logged on 4800v kHz, March 29, at 0007-0015.
This is a move from 4782 kHz.
ID as "19 horas y 7 minutos... 7 horas y 7 minutos... continuamos con 'El Expreso de la Noche'. Also slogan "Radio Oriental, su Radio!"
On April 2 the station was heard on 4802 kHz at 0032. Still anouncing "4780 KHz" (Yimber Gaviria, via Conexion)

New transmitter on Solomon Islands
The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation has installed a new shortwave transmitter in Honiara to improve its signals to most parts of the country.
The new transmitter, which carries SIBC's national service, Radio Hapi Isles, broadcasts on shortwave 5020.

"We're very excited about the new transmitter because already we are getting feedback from the Western and Temotu Provinces that they can now hear us better than before," says General Manager Johnson Honimae.
" A bonus is that already we are being heard outside of the country as far as northern part of New Zealand and in some islands of the Federated States of Micronesia." "We hope that with the extend [as published] of our coverage, which is way ahead of any of our local competitors, our listeners as well as the business community will benefit through sponsorship of programs and advertisements," he added.

SIBC invites its listeners especially in the outlying islands to send in reports on the reception of the new transmitter on SW 5020.
The new SW transmitter is part of the rehabilitation project being implemented by the National Broadcaster and funded by the Republic of China on Taiwan.
The project covers the rehabilitation of studio and transmitter equipment both at the National Service in Honiara, the WAN FM 96.3 Radio Hapi Lagoon at Gizo and Radio Temotu at Lata in the Temotu Province.

Honimae said SIBC greatly values this assistance from the government of ROC through the government of Solomon Islands because it helps to fulfil the corporation's mission to educate, inform and entertain all peoples within the sovereign borders of the country. ("Solomon Star", April 5, 2000, via BBC Monitoring, via DXLD)

Internet story
First real web radio
When it comes to radio broadcasts, think of the web as the world's largest antenna.
Everyday, more than 4,000 broadcasts called audio streams are available to anyone who is online.
Kerbango has built the world's first, standalone Internet radio to make it easy for anyone to enjoy the variety and diversity of these broadcasts.

Go to Kerbango

QSL card from Radio Bhutan
Radio Bhutan surprisingly sent a QSL card. As registered mail I got a newly printed QSL card with a little dragon, and with wishes of a happy new 2000.
Also included was a small note reminding us that the king has been on his throne for 25 years.
They apologized for taken so long in answering; my report was from November 4, 1999.
V/s was Thinley Tobgay Dorji, Coordinator, News & Current Affairs Division. He has the following e-mail address:
(Jan Edh, special hcdx report)

Bouncing e-mail addres
The address stated on Jan Edh's QSL seems not to be working. KC7LDP offers this explanation:
Apparently, this was an address for the daily newspaper, Kuensel, in Thimpu. I found their web page www.kuensel.com.bt and saw that inquiries can be sent to editor@druknet.net.bt, so I tried that.
We'll see what happens.
(kc7ldp, hcdx list, April 5, 2000)

Radio Western Highlands off air
Papua New Guinea station Radio Western Highlands, 3305 kHz, is off the air for an indefinite period according to a report in today's "National" newspaper in Port Moresby.
Staff are demanding the provincial government provide 24-hour security and replace vehicles stolen by thieves.
In the latest incident, the station manager and driver were held up at gunpoint at a roadblock and their vehicle was stolen. Two vehicles were lost to thieves last year, and the transmitter was vandalised. Thieves also broke into the station manager's office. (Matt Francis, via EDXP)

Radio Cielo, new Peruvian?
Radio Cielo heard March 31, between 1028-1145 on 4693.2 kHz, with SINPO 22222. M
x ID "Está usted escuchando, Radio Cielo, claro Radio Cielo...", also mx ID "Está en sintonía de Radio Cielo.."
The frequency varied often between 4692.0 and 4693.2.
I tried listening 0040-0108, but didn't receive any signals at all.
This station seems to be Peruvian to judge from the way the locutor speaks; but they did not broadcast any comercials, or other things giving a clue of its location. They only gave station identification between the music. (Pedro F. Arrunátegui, Chasqui DX 143)

A Radio Cielo, believed to be broadcasting from either Peru or Ecuador, has been logged earlier, in November 1999, on 5768 and 6705 kHz. (hcdx editor)

Internet story
Radio portal awarded
Radio Nederland's "Media Network" has awarded its "Millennium Award for Innovation" to Willi Passmann and his web radio portal.
"We think it is a tremendous time saver compared with trying to find radio-related sites using a general search engine", says Jonathan Marks, Radio Nederland's programming director

Go to radio-portal


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