[IRCA] DU chase from IL this morning
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[IRCA] DU chase from IL this morning

Sunrise here was 1109 on this dry and quiet morning.

Got out to the DX truck at 1057 and there was little trace of any hets but a couple minutes later 738 came up (740 Toronto quiet faded by then) nicely and just about threshhold audio level by 1104.

702 was there around 1105 as a decent carrier but needed more oomph for audio. 

Nice that WGN has dropped IBOC so I don't have it near 702 and 738.

No other carriers noted.. I couldn't tell if 612 was in as there was too much IBOC (WMT or WTMJ or both)

By 1111 almost any trace of het was gone. This DU stuff is very much a sunrise thing here.

73 KAZ Barrington IL
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