Re: [IRCA] 738 Tahiti audible now and 50' of wire
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Re: [IRCA] 738 Tahiti audible now and 50' of wire

At 11:25 PM 9/18/2008, you wrote:
>thanks for the update Walt but:
>nothing at all here in Vancouver @ 0623
>7030+ with either 50' wire or MFJ 1024
>sigh - one day one of these will show up
>Vancouver BC

Eric, I don't think I'd hear anything either with 50' of wire.  You really need to go with something that's made for MW dx......doesn't need a lot of room.  My current favourite is the ALA 100 from Wellbrook.  Check out some of the loggings from Colin N. who lives way up high in an apartment.  He has a couple of ALAs.  Another option is to construct a box loop....those have been around for close to a 100 years, and still work wonders.  All sorts of commercial loops, etc also 
available.  50' of wire is fine for SW, but woefully inadequate for distant MW dx........Walt

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